Omar had a successful job selling clothes and purses in Syria until war forced him out. He fled to Lebanon, where he was introduced to Jesus and accepted Him as Lord and Savior—an answer to prayer.

Omar’s father was furious. He threatened to kill his son if he did not revert back to Islam. When Omar refused, his father disowned him.

Cast out by war, a refugee in a strange land, unemployed. . . .

And now, ostracized and cut off from his family — both relationally and financially. Omar needed life-saving help, and fast.

This is when you and Help The Persecuted intervened. We helped Omar open his own small shop, producing leather crosses, bracelets, and wallets to sell. Once tormented, lonely, and afraid, today he is thriving and growing in his faith, thanks to our livelihood support and spiritual encouragement.

It’s what we do together — and a testimony to the incredible impact of your prayers and generosity.

There’s No Better Time to Give

In a time of worldwide turmoil and increased persecution for believers across the Middle East and North Africa, your generosity enabled us to step up, do more, and save the lives of many of our brothers and sisters.

From discipleship to baptism to Safe Houses to Emergency Relief Kits—the support and encouragement we’ve been able to provide has unlimited Kingdom potential.

Your gift could be an answer to prayer for a brother or sister in the Middle East and North Africa.

Your Chance to Be an Answer to Prayer

You may remember Mustafa: He and his cousin (also a new believer) were planning a trip to meet with our team and be baptized. Instead, they were followed, threatened, and beaten. 

Mustafa’s father was so angry at his son’s conversion, he violently broke all of Mustafa’s fingers. Mustafa reached out to our team in secret and said, “I know we will be killed, but we wish to be baptized first.

Mustafa’s family imprisoned him in his room. He kept in touch with our team through a secret phone, and our team prayed with and encouraged him.

Recently, Mustafa’s mother was so upset by his conversion, beatings, and his plans to leave the country, she became physically ill and had to be hospitalized.

God used this medical event to soften his family’s heart.

His father asked him to stay. For a time, they gave him some of his freedom back, though he still does not have his passport. 

Sadly, his reprieve from persecution has been short-lived. We received a frantic call from Mustafa telling us that his brothers are now taunting him, withholding food, and hanging him from the ceiling. They tell him that all will go back to normal if he would make the Islamic confession of faith. His sister has taken some mercy on him and brought him food. Also, she helped him to make the frantic call to our team.

We do not know if or when Mustafa will be able to get his passport and escape his family home.

Mustafa is in the midst of painful (both physical and emotional) persecution by his family. We are ready to rescue him to one of our Safe Houses as soon as we hear he has made an escape. In the meantime, our team member remains a spiritual lifeline, offering prayer and encouragement during this time of oppression.

Impact Persecuted Believers Like Mustafa

It’s your support and prayers that will enable us to care for Mustafa when he is able to leave his family home. As we encourage and disciple him in secret via cell phone, we see the Lord moving. And we know the Lord will provide when the time is right for Mustafa to move away.

The Lord has aligned Help The Persecuted Field Ministry Team members to be in the right place at the right time—to be an answer to prayer for our Christian family in areas that are hostile to the Gospel.

Please prayerfully consider how you can continue to help persecuted Christians through prayer and financial support in spreading the love of Christ in hostile regions of the world.