Oftentimes when a Christian brother or sister is moved to support the persecuted through Help The Persecuted, they may wonder: Where—exactly—does my money go? Does my support make a difference?

Our staff at Help The Persecuted can tell you 100% that, “Yes, your gift makes a difference!” However, we’d rather you see the facts of your impact, and hear from those you’ve supported along their faith journey.

When you support the persecuted, you’re not supporting a faceless crowd. You’re supporting women, men and children that our Field Ministry Team has looked into the eyes of—we’ve seen their pain, we’ve heard the cracks in their voices, we’ve seen the joy and relief that your gift brings.

Your Impact When You Support the Persecuted

During a year when it was expected that giving would dwindle, that families would go hungry, and Christians would be overlooked in Muslim-majority countries, you stepped in by God’s grace, and as a result, Help The Persecuted saw unprecedented growth.

Through your support, we have:

  • Helped tens of thousands of persecuted Christians with their physical and spiritual needs across 15 countries in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Added five new Safe Houses—so far!—this year.
  • Discipled and baptized hundreds of new believers throughout the Muslim world.
  • Responded in Christ’s name to the COVID-19 crisis. Our Field Ministry Teams have created and distributed thousands of Emergency Relief Kits to persecuted and vulnerable Christian families in need.
  • And we’ve received incredible reports from the field . . . like this father in Syria who shared: “What you did for me and my family brought us joy beyond expression. We were on the edge, and you gave us hope at the last minute. Thank you.”

Names Behind the Numbers of Persecution

Every number represents one of our brothers or sisters in Christ—from infants to elderly, we come alongside persecuted Christians in a personal, intentional way.

Our brother, Jabir from Yemen, declared his faith in Christ and has lost everything—with no hope of reuniting with his family.

Help The Persecuted was there for Jabir when his family and community threatened him and turned him away. We have been hosting him in our new Safe House in Jordan, and due to ongoing threats, we recently relocated him to another Safe House in a neighboring country. Jabir is part of our family now. Please pray as he adjusts to a new country and builds relationships as part of the body of Christ.

Our brother, Raed, spent his life searching for the true God and finally found Him . . . at great personal cost. After he declared his faith in Christ, Raed’s family turned on him.

They beat me and burned my Bible! My own family did not want me in the house anymore, and I had to flee.” – Raed

Thanks to your support, we were able to come alongside Raed and support him as he began a new life. Today, Raed owns his own business, and he continues to grow stronger in his faith in Christ!

Jabir and Raed are two new brothers in Christ who were under extreme pressure and persecution—their lives were in danger. And because you reached out through Help The Persecuted we were able to support the persecuted as God directed.