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Help The Persecuted, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, an accredited member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, and an Excellence in Giving Certified Transparent Charity.


Hope for the Muslim World

Help The Persecuted connects with thousands of Christians every year throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia—one of the most dangerous regions on earth to be a Christian. Our ministry to them continues even after they’re physically safe from harm. Through your partnership, they are receiving life-giving support for their physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual needs to renew their walk with Christ.

An Unprecedented Movement of God

God is doing a radical work behind the scenes of the ongoing crises in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia. Our Field Ministry Team is witnessing this revival with their own eyes. The lost are coming to Christ. Refugees are finding hope. Lukewarm Christians are renewing their faith. And the underground church is growing. Even the greatest persecutors of the church are seeing the light of Christ. What Satan meant for evil, God is using for His glory.

“I thank God that ISIS came to our town. I was a nominal Christian but now I know the Lord. I wish that many people would now know the true Jesus Christ.”

— Iraqi refugee & Help The Persecuted recipient

Stories from the Field

In the midst of horrific tragedies, thousands are finding hope through the work of Help The Persecuted.

* Many names have been changed for their protection.


Bordering Israel and Syria, Lebanon is a refuge for millions of persecuted Christians who have fled countries like Iran, Yemen, and Syria and other places where murdering Christians is legal…and often praised. As a result, Lebanon a key area of focus for Help The Persecuted.

At the same time, the country is deeply divided by political factions and radical Islamic groups including Hezbollah. Its economy has been in significant turmoil for several years. In 2021, the World Bank ranked Lebanon’s economic crisis among the top three worst in the world in the past 150 years — extreme deflation marked by shortages of food, fuel, electricity, medicines, and an increase in political unrest.

Now, as the conflict continues between Israel and Hamas, Lebanon has found itself increasingly affected. Hezbollah terrorists attack Israeli towns along the Lebanese border. Persecuted believers living in Lebanon have had to flee the area due to shelling—leaving everything once again.

As a result, our work in this region has never been more important or impactful!

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