A Message From Our President

Imagine you’ve lost your job. You’ve been disowned by your family. You face imprisonment. Maybe you’ve even watched a loved one pay the ultimate price with his or her life.

All of this for following Jesus Christ.

This is the situation millions of our brothers and sisters find themselves in. Around the world Christians are met with hostility and animosity because of their love for Jesus. In 2011, the Help The Persecuted fund was established to respond to those in crisis because of their new faith in Christ. Since then, we’ve expanded Help The Persecuted to address the overwhelming needs of Christians and converts facing persecution from radical Islamic groups like ISIS.

Statistics released in 2017 showed that for the third year in a row, modern-day persecution of Christians worldwide has hit another record high. In 2018, in light of what we were seeing on the ground in places like Syria and Iraq, a small team stepped out in faith to form Help The Persecuted as a standalone ministry. Together we have decades of experience serving globally for the mission of Christ. Each day, whether in the office or out in the field, we aim to help the persecuted by meeting their physical and spiritual needs, which in turn leads them into a deeper relationship with Christ.

Our field teams are comprised of indigenous ministers of the Gospel. Some were raised in the Christian faith and others converted to Christianity. Having grown up in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA), they already understand the cultures and the political and religious systems. They are deeply committed to serving the persecuted Church—at great risk to themselves and their own families.

Together we see that the time for this ministry is now. One of our partners who traveled overseas with our teams called it “a mass movement of the Holy Spirit”—a true revival in some of the most hostile regions on earth as God works amidst crisis and chaos for His glory. What a privilege it is to witness His life-changing, soul-saving work.

Scripture tells us that the world will hate us because it hates Jesus Christ. Persecution will continue, and all who desire to live a godly life in Christ will be persecuted. As we continue to help and support suffering Christians, we pray our efforts will empower the global Church to flourish not just in MENA, but also in the Western world as we share in their suffering and bear their burdens.

Thank you for partnering with us in this calling.

In Christ,

Joshua Youssef

Our Statement of Faith

“I would say the most valuable contribution is the investment that the Help The Persecuted staff makes in the lives of those they serve…It would be easy to just provide financial support. But they’ve invested their lives in these people, and I think that’s much more valuable - you see the love of Christ on display.”

— David Dungan, Help The Persecuted Board Chairman

Board of Directors

David Bottoms, Treasurer
Don L. Chapman
David Dungan, Chairman
Allan Guinan
Ronald Hughes, Jr., Secretary
James W. Inglis
Joshua Youssef, President