Our Christian journey continues to expand and grow as we learn more about Jesus through His Word, and develop a deeper relationship with Him. As we honor Him, the fruits of the Spirit are displayed in our lives. As we see prayers answered according to God’s will, our faith becomes stronger—even if our circumstances remain the same.

Such is the case with our brother, Alim. His Christian journey has been years in the making, and he stands in faith even as he continues to experience persecution.

Questioning His Faith, Looking for Truth

When war rattled his native Syria, Alim fled to Lebanon with his family in search of peace. What he didn’t know was that he would ultimately find true peace in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Growing up, Alim was a devout Muslim, but while living in Lebanon he began to ask questions about some of the details of his Islamic faith. The religious leaders he encountered told him it wasn’t appropriate to ask such things and gave him no answers for his budding questions. Confused, Alim simply stopped praying and fasting.

A short time later, Alim found himself working for a Christian man named Timothy. He showed kindness to Alim, so much so that one day Alim remarked, “You Christians treat people better than Muslims.” Timothy replied, “Then become a Christian,” and proceeded to tell him all about his pastor and his church.

Prayers Answered: Meeting Jesus in a Dream

At that point in his life, Alim wasn’t quite ready to take a step toward Jesus, so he ignored Timothy’s invitation to learn more about the Christian faith. But soon Alim met another Christian man from a nearby church. He could see Alim and his family needed help, so he offered them some food and invited them to a Bible study.

Now, Alim was curious, so he and his wife, Sumaya, along with his three children, attended church one Sunday. There they learned about God’s forgiveness. The service was something of a turning point for the family. The older children, Mehdi and Sania, began reading the Bible and talking about it, and Alim began studying the Bible in order to compare it to the Quran. He also began watching Christian messages on television.

Then, one night, Alim walked outside and prayed. He asked the Lord to give him a tangible sign that Jesus was the true God. That night, Jesus appeared to him in a dream. The Savior was surrounded by intense light, and He approached Alim, smiling but silent. When Alim woke up, he gave his life to the Lord.

Alim shared the exciting news with his wife, Sumaya, but she was still reluctant about following Jesus. It would take something else to change her mind and heart. Sometime later, Sumaya found herself unable to sleep because of pain in her mouth caused by a toothache. Medicine didn’t help, and she was desperate. Lying awake, she spied one of the children’s drawings nearby—a picture of Jesus. And so she prayed to Jesus and asked Him to heal her. Right away, her pain disappeared, and she was able to sleep. The next day, she surrendered her life to the Healer.

Peace in Christ, Yet Persecuted by Family

Soon after coming to faith, Alim and Sumaya received discipleship training in their church and were baptized. They also began hosting a Bible study in their home and sharing the Gospel with others. But the couple soon discovered that following Jesus often means persecution. Since coming to Christ, Alim’s relatives have threatened to kill him. Local Muslims routinely do whatever they can to make sure Alim cannot work to provide for his family. At times, they have even blocked the road to the family’s home.

Alim has been unable to work regularly and earn an ongoing daily wage. Help the Persecuted came alongside Alim and his family with assistance for basic living expenses until they are able to get back on their feet. Today, Alim still faces persecution, but with the help and strength they have received from supporters like you and Help The Persecuted team members, they are able to withstand the difficulties and stand firm in their faith 

The Time to Help Alim and His Family is Now

You can help believers like Alim and Sumaya stand on their feet and provide a future for their children, as they grow in the knowledge of Christ. Your gift results in prayers answered, and hope fulfilled.