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Omar was born and raised in a strict Muslim family in Saudi Arabia. He moved to Egypt to attend college, and it was there that he had his first exposure to Christianity. Over the next few years, he began questioning the Quran and comparing it to the Bible. He sought out Christian pastors who answered his questions and ultimately led him to accept Jesus Christ as his Savior. 

He moved back to Saudi Arabia after college, but when his family found out about his faith they threatened to kill him. He fled back to Egypt to live permanently. This time, on his own.

Omar is now married with a young daughter, and prior to the pandemic he had opened a small grocery store selling spices and produce. The store was forced to close this past year, and Omar and his family have struggled to find work and support themselves during this time of global crisis.

Our local Field Ministry Team recently met with Omar and are encouraged by his faith and work ethic. With a gift of $1,900 from Help The Persecuted, Omar can re-open and restock his store. This provides a long-term income for his young family which allows for them to stay in the community, grow in their faith and be a light to others.  

Your gift today will help raise $1,900 for Omar and his family.