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As a Christian orphan in Egypt, Mina was forced to marry at a young age. Her husband, a Muslim, soon got involved with a radical group. Just recently, the group threatened Mina because she had not converted and attempted to kidnap her and her two young children.  

Mina’s husband would not protect them and ultimately she fled to a neighboring country with her children. 

Mina and her children have found a local church and are growing in their faith in Christ. 

Unfortunately, she has not been able to escape her husband’s reach. He continues to send threatening messages. Also, Mina is having a hard time finding suitable work and income to support her young family. 

Mina needs support to cover her basic needs as she begins to rebuild her life on her own with two children. Food, rent, clothing, living expenses—at this time, Mina can’t afford any of these things. 

Your gift today will help us care for Mina in the coming months. Help us reach our goal of $900.

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