Gashin learned he was going to pay a heavy cost for following Christ.

In 2002, Gashin had a dream. In this dream he was taken to a place with many of history’s criminals, like Hitler. They were screaming at him not to follow. Then Gashin was taken up to a place where he heard singing and felt God’s presence. He heard a voice say, “Your sins are forgiven.”

This dream changed Gashin’s life and convinced him to follow Jesus. He confessed this to his family, who were shocked. They asked a sheikh to come and convince him otherwise because they thought demons tormented him.

Almost a decade later, Gashin took a trip out of the country. When he returned, he learned his father’s inheritance had been divided by all his siblings except him. Gashin felt exploited, lonely, and depressed.

In 2013, Gashin moved to a new city for work, but he was fired after his employers learned he was a Christian. He found another job, but the same thing happened there. Gashin learned he was going to pay a heavy cost for following Christ.

Gashin wanted to open his own shoe store where he could work for himself and share Christ with others. But he had no support system and insufficient finances to start the business.

Help The Persecuted stepped in and covered Gashin’s living expenses, which freed him to invest in opening his future business. We believe no one should have to bear the cost of following Christ alone—and through your support, people like Gashin are finding renewed strength to follow Him amidst opposition.