As the war in the Middle East intensifies and the region faces a devastating surge of violence, our team is in Lebanon, ministering in increasingly hostile environments.

Lebanon is the country in the Middle East that is most open to Christianity. Many persecuted believers, fleeing from murderous Muslim family members, have sought refuge there over the past few years, even though its economy has been in ruins. Now, as Hezbollah launches more attacks, these persecuted believers living on the edge of the Israel-Hamas war have nowhere to go.

We invite you to partner with us are we focus on three specific areas: housing, food, and long-term hope.

1. Safe Housing

We are providing a respite for families fleeing Lebanon’s southern border in our Safe Houses and a new Refuge Center in central Lebanon.

Thank God we have a ceiling above us, and we have room and a place to eat.” These were the words of the family pictured above, Arash, Mehri, and their son Koorush. After their families persecuted them because of their conversion to Christianity, they fled their home country of Iran and settled in southern Lebanon. They could see the Israeli border from their home…which meant that when the war began, they had to flee and had nowhere to go. They left everything and drove north, sleeping in their car. We welcomed the family into our Refuge Center a few days ago.

2. Nutritious Food

As war rages on, we expect there to be severe food shortages and even famine. We are making plans to double the capacity of our Seeds of Hope farm operations! This farm provides vital fresh food to 1000s of persecuted and vulnerable people each year.

3. Long-term Hope

As the conflict escalates, there is a strong chance that many will be displaced for a prolonged period of time. Through our Enduring Livelihood program, which has been successful for many families in Lebanon, we are prepared to help them rebuild their lives in their new homes through the dignity of owning their own small businesses.

At the same time, people are more receptive to the Gospel than ever before. As the realities of Islam play out before the eyes of innocent people caught up in the conflict, they are searching for truth and a hope that will never fade. We praise God for the opportunity to meet many of these people and provide for their physical and spiritual needs. As we help them rebuild their lives now, we have the privilege of telling them about a hope that is truly eternal.

Will you join us in bringing safe housing, food, and hope to persecuted Christians in the midst of the Israel-Hamas war?

Thank you for your prayers for our team and all persecuted believers in this region as this war unfolds and looms over Lebanon.


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