For Christians in the Muslim world, their medical needs are often rejected due to their faith. And the results of not receiving medical care mean that the person can’t make a living for themselves. 

They need assistance to heal and press forward in their lives. That’s where Help The Persecuted comes in.

When we come alongside persecuted Christians like Salma, we use all the tools in our arsenal to encourage them and support them: discipleship, counseling, providing living expenses, funding medical treatment, and training them for new vocations.

Salma requires medical needs

There are many persecuted believers like Salma who are suffering medical trauma while having the added concern of needing to be careful not to draw attention to their faith. It is people like Salma who need us the most.

A faith to be envied

Salma grew up in an unconventional home in the Middle East where her parents belonged to two separate faiths. Her father, being more open than most religious men, allowed Salma to choose her own faith.

Without the pressure to align with any one faith or another, Salma grew complacent and didn’t particularly feel like she needed religion.

When her brother became a Christian, Salma noticed a grace and peace that her brother didn’t have before. She noticed an inner joy that she envied. Soon, through her brother’s leading and example, Salma came to accept the salvation and joy of Jesus Christ.

Recruited by extremists

Salma was working in an apparel store and was respected for her work. She hid her faith from everyone she knew because she was aware of the persecution that would come when her employer and neighbors found out.

One day, members of an extremist political party came to Salma and tried to talk her into working for the organization. They recruited her heavily, putting pressure on her for an answer. She could not tell them the real reason she couldn’t join their party—that she had accepted Jesus Christ—so she explained she did not like political parties and did not want to work in politics.

Traumatized by Medical Needs

A short time later, Salma fell and hurt her arm and leg very badly. Because of her limited mobility, she has not been able to work. During her treatment of these injuries, it was discovered that she had tumors in her breast. After surgery to remove the tumors, it was revealed that the doctors made some mistakes and another surgery will be needed to correct the first surgery. 

Salma and her parents in the hospital requiring

Though she has tried to live a quiet Christian life away from watchful eyes in the neighborhood, her home is referred to as “the Christian’s house.” Because of this, her government has refused to help her pay for the needed surgery. She is in pain and remains unable to work—and unable to pay for another surgery. One friend has graciously collected some money to help, and Salma is depending on God to provide for her needs.

The Future for Salma

Her brother and his wife live with her off and on, and they are able to help with some living expenses when they stay with her. Right now, she is burdened with the pain of a botched surgery and no means to repair the damage. Her bills are growing every day, yet she is faithful to praise God and worship Him. She continues to pray for discernment in when and how to safely share her faith.

With your support, we’re helping Salma with her living expenses, ongoing medical care, and the additional surgery.

Your support makes a difference to women like Salma, who live under threats, and have been denied critical care simply because of their faith. Please consider making a recurring monthly gift to support persecuted Christians.