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After Rafik became a Christian due to the influence of his brother, he started an underground church in Afghanistan and began to take online seminary courses. He worked with police forces to stop violence against women and girls in Afghanistan.

Since the Taliban took governmental control of Afghanistan, Rafik, his wife, and their two children have been in extreme danger. They received numerous death threats, were run out of their home, and had to hide out to evade capture and certain death. “I knew that if the Taliban found out about my whereabouts, they would arrest and execute me,” Rafik said. “Because not only are we Christians but I’m also the leader of a church. And they know that I had worked with the Afghan national police force—they were looking for people like me.”

Help The Persecuted safely evacuated Rafik and his family to a temporary refugee camp where they await resettlement. They must rebuild their lives from nothing—no savings, no family support, no living arrangements.

Help The Persecuted has been given an upcoming deadline by the temporary host country for resettlement of Rafik’s family, along with hundreds of other persecuted Afghans. We are currently assisting them with:

  • Paperwork that must be completed for their resettlement
  • Arrangements for flights to a new home country
  • Temporary housing and living expenses once they resettle
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