As you read this, our Field Ministry Team is receiving desperate messages from persecuted Christians on the Syria-Turkey border suffering in the aftermath of the earthquake: 

Lightning Funds—our way of providing instant assistance on the field—has enabled our Earthquake Crisis Response to be swift and effective, providing on-the-ground relief to those in dire need. 

Before this disaster, our brave brothers and sisters in the region were already facing death threats, violence, and horrific abuse at the hands of their own family members and communities. Many were on the run with nowhere to go. And then, the ground began to shake… 

“We have seen so much destruction and death in this country. And on the verge of being hopeful, an earthquake destroyed that hope. Seeing your team here sparks hope in our hearts. Thank you for always rushing to aid us.—Waseem, our trusted local partner in Syria

Every minute counts when it comes to saving the lives of our persecuted brothers and sisters. With your help, our team can: 

  • Provide immediate Crisis Response in the wake of devastating natural disasters 
  • Purchase a bus or plane ticket for quick escape 
  • Secure safe shelter where believers can hide as our team arranges next steps 
  • Buy food supplies and clothing when families have lost everything  
  • Fund emergency medical care 

Without our intervention, they may not be able to escape… 

You can be the difference between life and death for a persecuted believer today. Your timely gift can be the reason they are still alive and professing Christ tomorrow. 

Thank you for your partnership.


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