Bordering Israel and Syria, Lebanon is a refuge for millions of persecuted Christians who have fled countries like Iran, Yemen, and Syria and other places where murdering Christians is legal…and often praised. As a result, Lebanon a key area of focus for Help The Persecuted.

At the same time, the country is deeply divided by political factions and radical Islamic groups including Hezbollah. Its economy has been in significant turmoil for several years. In 2021, the World Bank ranked Lebanon’s economic crisis among the top three worst in the world in the past 150 years — extreme deflation marked by shortages of food, fuel, electricity, medicines, and an increase in political unrest.

Now, as the conflict continues between Israel and Hamas, Lebanon has found itself increasingly affected. Hezbollah terrorists attack Israeli towns along the Lebanese border. Persecuted believers living in Lebanon have had to flee the area due to shelling—leaving everything once again.

As a result, our work in this region has never been more important or impactful!

Our Seeds of Hope Farm

It was only two years ago that HTP successfully launched a Crisis Response Program in Lebanon with our Seeds of Hope farm. Our goal was to help the church endure, flourish, and multiply amidst Lebanon’s increasingly hostile circumstances through:

  • A large-scale vegetable farm to provide fresh food (even during the harsh winter), employment, and training
  • Supplemental hot meals, medicines, and medical treatment for the most vulnerable
  • Emergency Relief Kits (one month’s supply of staple dry food for a family of four)
  • Discipleship and leadership training to grow local groups of believers
  • Spiritual retreats and Biblical counseling to strengthen believers
  • Bible and Christian literature distribution, and
  • Public outreaches — both large and small-scale events and activities to present the Gospel.

Initial equipment included a used tractor, truck, generator, and various tools. The land was cleared and prepared for planting, and we purchased large used commercial greenhouse tunnels and frames.

A deep water well and pond were rehabilitated and an irrigation system was installed. To complete the site, a farmhouse was constructed for the farm manager. We named the farm “Seeds of Hope.” And under the supervision of our agricultural engineer and farm team, Seeds of Hope has only grown … and hope has flourished.

A Way Forward: Expansion

Plans were already underway to expand the farm … and then the war started. Now, we need to expand more than ever before!

We’ve identified suitable land near the current farm. The proposed expansion would more than double the size of the current farm infrastructure, adding 19 new commercial-grade greenhouses with some dedicated to hydroponic agriculture. We anticipate this expansion to double the number of people helped per year with fresh produce and spiritual care and further our ability to employ and train more farm workers!

What People are Saying …

“It is more than enough that your spiritual support is constant. We cannot thank you enough.” —Donia

“What you did for me and my daughter left me in tears. No one asks about us, yet you continue to provide care and support. Thank you!” —Rahma

“I was kidnapped and persecuted for my faith, but I care for nothing except Christ. Your support meant the world to me.” —Dura

“What you are doing with me, my own children would not do. You are my family.” —Abdul

“We were shivering from the cold, and you provided heat for us. Thank you!” —Omar

“I wrote a list of the items we needed in the house and then the doorbell rang, and it was you with a box containing all the items on the list! God is good.” —Muna

Thank you for your support for our work in Lebanon!