Soroush was the eldest child of a large and religious family in Iran. His parents were illiterate and poor, which made life difficult, but they tried to follow Islam properly.

Growing up, Soroush had many questions about God. He wanted to know how to live a good life, but he felt he couldn’t get any answers from his parents. He started studying Islam for himself, and to his horror, he saw that the God of the Quran was, in Soroush’s words, “a cruel and racist God who loves only a few people.”

Soroush didn’t know where to turn, and he started drinking. Soon, he was an alcoholic and living a lifestyle in which he engaged in all kinds of destructive behavior. His heart longed to know the truth and get out, but he had no hope. He tried to commit suicide but inexplicably survived.

As the years passed, Soroush got to a more stable place and married. One day, he caught up with an old friend who gave him a small Bible as a gift. He accepted it reluctantly, remembering the years of unanswered questions and the heartache they had brought. But soon, he opened it and began to compare it to the Quran.

And the Word of God worked within him! It brought him to his knees and opened his mind. He saw the differences between the Bible and the Quran and was amazed at the possibility of salvation through Jesus. As he recounted his conversion, he told our team, “That little Bible opened my eyes to the truth, and I realized beautifully and clearly that I was a sinner and needed to repent and that only Jesus Christ was the Lord who could save me.”

Soon, he gave his heart to Christ! He continued, “God made me reborn. He removed all those addictions and bondages. As I got to know the real and living God, I was able to have a beautiful and correct relationship with Him.”

The incredible work of God was just beginning. Soon, his entire family came to know Christ! They attended home church meetings together, and the churches grew because of new conversions!

And then persecution began…

One day, they were all arrested together by the intelligence service at a church meeting. Soroush was detained and interrogated for a day, and they lost contact with the other church members. A few months later, undeterred, they started a new house church. Many believers in their city were brought together through Christian satellite channels.

Then, they were arrested again. After more interrogation, Soroush was released on bail. In court, they were told that they would be imprisoned if they preached the gospel again. Threats continued, as did intense interrogations and heavy surveillance. After a few months of enduring this, they moved to another city…and started another house church!

They got involved in sending Bibles to other cities in Iran, helping other believers discover the hope and love of Jesus Christ.

Then, one day, the intelligence service stormed into his home. He had 500 Bibles in it! He was put into solitary confinement for ten days, interrogated every day. They threatened to imprison him and kidnap his son and daughter. Soroush was beaten and insulted…and then sent to prison while he awaited his trial.

After hearing about the 500 Bibles, the judge sentenced him to five years of imprisonment.

But Soroush and his family were undeterred. They prayed and prayed…and the judge miraculously suspended the sentence! Soroush was free!

Although free, this faithful family lives in a difficult situation. Soroush owns a truck and works as a driver, but he struggles to make enough money to cover all their expenses. We were happy to come alongside them, providing them with several months of living expenses to help them continue their children’s education and have enough food to eat. We enjoy following up with them and praise God for the amazing work He has done and continues to do in and through their lives!