In some Middle Eastern countries, it is illegal for Muslims to convert to Christianity, making their baptisms fraught with danger and risk. And yet, after coming to faith, these brave believers long for an opportunity to make their public profession of faith, an outward display of what Jesus has done within them. As Mustafa and Ali, two brothers from Iraq, once said, “We know we will be killed [for our faith], but we want to be baptized first.”

Recently, our team baptized Aida in a closed country. Because of the danger surrounding her baptism, they did not tell Aida the date of her baptism until it arrived! When our team joined her at the church, the pastor turned off all the security cameras and led them to the back, where a small pool had been set up.

The pastor asked Aida to share her testimony before the baptism.

Everything began as she was reading the Quran and struggling with doubt, a serious no-go in her hometown dominated by Islamic fundamentalism. Her questions made her curious about Christianity, so she began to read the Bible online. Soon, her heart was captivated by Jesus. She asked God for a sign, and after several dreams about Christianity, she gave life over to Christ!

Persecution soon came. When an acquaintance directly asked her if she had left Islam, Matthew 10:33, which says, “[W]hoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven.” went through her mind. She shared her faith…and immediately had to flee in fear for her life. She is now living in one of our safe houses.

As Aida stepped into that baptismal pool, she knew the danger of what she was doing. If her extremist Muslim family finds out that she has left Islam for Christ, they will search for her and, if they find her, murder her.

And yet as she rose out of the water, she was absolutely radiant, smiling broadly. The pastor handed her a candle and lit it. “You will be like Jesus,” he said, “being a light to the world. Aida, you will witness and share the Word with others.”

That day, Aida was a light to our entire team, reminding us that Christ is worth everything. We are excited for her future, as she continues to be a light, like Christ, to all the Earth.

We invite you to unite with our team in this perilous work through prayer and considering a gift. There are so many other persecuted believers like Aida who rely on your prayers and practical provisions like safe houses. Would you ask the Lord how you might become involved in Rescuing, Restoring, and Rebuilding their lives?