Every week, our team hears stories of impossible conversations, miraculous escapes, and supernatural deliverances. And yet the stories of a God who is drawing people from every nation to Himself never get old!

Growing up in Syria, Maher was constantly scolded by his Muslim father for not praying or fasting. Years later, he relocated to Lebanon and met a Christian coworker. At the time, Maher was in complete despair: His son suffered from a progressive skin disease and was an outcast, and a last-chance treatment failed.

One night, he was sitting on the balcony praying for his son. He had a vision of a white dove and heard a voice saying, “Trust in me; I will take care of your son.” Maher instinctively replied, “I trust.” He clung to those words in his heart…and when he took his son to his next appointment, the doctor was stunned at the improvement. The doctor asked if they had any explanation, and Maher said, “God is taking care of us.” Out of nowhere, he heard the name “Jesus.”

The next day, he saw a woman distributing Bibles and eagerly received one. He started reading and asked a Syrian Christian friend to connect him to a local church. Soon, he gave his life to Jesus, convinced that Jesus would never leave him nor forsake him. He was baptized soon after.

One day he told his brother the gospel…and his brother unexpectedly visited and charged at him with a knife, trying to kill him. His wife got in between them, and her hand was cut so badly that they rushed to the hospital. His family found out about his faith, and to this day, they are threatening to take her wife away from him.

Life is very difficult for Maher and his family. His income significantly decreased because of the economic crisis in Lebanon, and he is afraid of his wife being taken. When our team heard about Maher, we were moved by his steadfast and deep hope in Jesus! We were happy to come alongside him with spiritual encouragement and several months of support to help him as he rebuilds his life.

Maher’s testimony is one of many in which we see God intervening and calling people to Himself. Would you pray for Maher and our team as we come alongside him, that he would be lifted up in the hope of Christ and that the persecution he faces from his family would relent?