In Psalms, there are numerous verses the lyricist pens that describe how intimately God knows us and how uniquely He made each of us. Throughout the New Testament, there are passages explaining Jesus’ sacrificial and unconditional love for us. Isaiah 53:4-5 reveals how intimately God knows our suffering—because He bore suffering for us. No matter where you look, the entirety of Scripture is an intimate love letter to God’s people. He knows us intimately—every hair on our heads, every line on our hands.

When Yusra had a vision of Jesus, she felt His knowing love to her core, and also she knew she’d never be the same.

From Barely Holding on to Holding Jesus’ Hand

From the time she was a young girl in her Muslim home in Syria, Yusra had never known a life without struggles. Born with a mild form of cerebral palsy, she learned to live with the physical challenges that come with a disability from a young age. In addition, she was troubled to see the abuse her father dealt to her mother, and even more distraught when he sometimes turned his anger on her. When she grew up, Yusra got married, but that marriage became more difficult with time, and her husband eventually divorced her. Worst of all, he would not allow her to see their daughter.

Not Safe Yet

Yusra had little choice but to return home to live with her mother and father. There, things only got worse. Her father’s violent behavior continued, and Yusra lived in constant fear. Feeling she had no escape, she attempted suicide—not once or twice, but thirteen times. Relief finally came when her father died, but even then, Yusra was treated poorly. Her brothers claimed she was insane and made her waive her rights to any inheritance she might have received.

A short time later, after her mother died too, Yusra escaped her childhood home and began to live on the streets. It was while she was homeless that she found a ministry that helped her and she finally found the peace she had been searching for her entire life. It was there that she heard the Gospel and gave her life to Christ.

A New Life in Jesus

In a vision, Yusra saw Jesus. He held her hand and lit her path. Then He told her that His grace was upon her. From that moment on, Yusra set aside all the numbing medications she had been taking and stopped smoking. God even brought Yusra’s daughter back into her life.

Today, Yusra and her teenage daughter live in a rented apartment and they attend a local church. She loves Sunday services and Bible studies. She also loves to give her tithe to the Lord and wants to see others come to know Jesus the way she has.

Yusra works full-time as a cleaner, but what she earns barely covers the cost of her rent. And her ability to work is often affected by her physical limitations. The little Yusra has left over after rent isn’t enough to sustain her and her daughter who now lives with her. Help the Persecuted, introduced to Yusra and her daughter through the local church, has stepped in to support them for a time,  alleviating their immediate financial struggles.

Supporting Women Like Yusra

Yusra and many others like her have been put out by family and live hand to mouth every day. The practical help that Help The Persecuted provides allows space and time for our brothers and sisters to make a plan to rebuild their lives and find a way to live with dignity and stability. All the while believers receive this practical help, our team is hands-on with hosting Bible studies and discipleship training to foster spiritual growth and a deep, abiding faith.

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Yusra Wanted to Die; Jesus Gave Her New Life