You changed Azin’s life with compassion and care. Ahlam’s family is safe because of your support. When you give to help persecuted Christians, you’re not giving to Help The Persecuted, you’re giving through Help The Persecuted

Our ministry provides direct assistance to persecuted Christians tailored to meet specific practical and spiritual needs. We work to strengthen believers spiritually—some new to faith—through discipleship, counseling, as well as proclaiming the Gospel to those who do not know Christ. Last year, through your support, Help The Persecuted assisted over 46,000 people across 18 countries.

On Mission to Rescue, Restore, Rebuild

In hostile places to the Gospel, Christian individuals and families endure severe persecution and require direct, practical, and timely interventions with support and ministry. That’s why our methods are geared toward identifying and assessing cases of persecution with a hands-on, face-to-face approach.

Subsequently, Field Ministry Team members address both practical and spiritual needs to stabilize individuals and families, assisting in their journey of healing and rebuilding. We are ministers of the Gospel who Rescue, Restore, and Rebuild the lives of persecuted believers.

A Hands-On Approach to Ministry

What makes Help The Persecuted different from other organizations focused on discipling and supporting persecuted Christians in the Muslim world?

Our practical Field Ministry Team approach means that we are fully “hands-on” with people in their communities. These indigenous team members enable us to address the real needs of persecuted believers and share the Gospel with others. 

Rather than being “arms-length,” this unique approach gives us face-to-face relationships with those we serve. 

When our team is contacted about persecuted Christians in distress, their approach is to identify the needs of each person, assess the complexity of the situation, costs involved, and what staff support is required. We prioritize cases of direct persecution and of Muslim converts to Christianity because they often are in imminent danger with nowhere else to go—even local churches may shy away from getting involved with converts. 

Once we complete our assessment of needs, then our team delivers practical assistance and comes alongside to Rescue, Restore, and Rebuild.

Azin is Forever Changed by Your Compassion and Care

She was raised a Muslim but had serious doubts. Peace and forgiveness eluded her. When Azin’s husband was seriously injured, she became the sole provider for her family of six children. Azin felt hopeless.

Until a friend like you—through the outreach of Help The Persecuted—introduced Azin to Jesus. With newfound peace and strength through her faith in God, Azin withstood terrible abuse and violence from her Muslim neighbors. When they attacked her young son, breaking all of his fingers, the family fled to safety with the help of our Field Ministry Team.

Today, through Help The Persecuted and you, Azin and her family are safe and their most basic needs are being met as we help with rent, food, utilities, and medicine. Your tangible support has given Azin’s family hope for their future.

Ahlam’s Family is Safe Because of Swift Actions 

He was dedicated to his Muslim upbringing and the traditions he’d been taught. Ahlam even led the daily call to prayer at his local mosque in Syria. He was proud of his staunch faith.

But as terrible violence took hold of his family’s community, Ahlam began to question Islam and the widespread terrorism perpetrated by his Muslim brothers. Knowing it would be a costly decision, Ahlam walked away from Islam and began reading the Bible online. He was drawn to the love of God and the Bible’s command to love others.

Ahlam, his wife, and his five children turned to faith in Jesus Christ. They were immediately harassed by their Muslim family and neighbors. When Ahlam’s youngest son was kidnapped and beaten, Ahlam reached out to the underground church for help.

Because of your support through Help The Persecuted. You secured passage for Ahlam’s family to a safe location. They are there now, being cared for by our Field Ministry Team.

Everything we do at Help The Persecuted is set in the context of our deep desire to strengthen the believer physically as well as spiritually through discipleship, to proclaim the Gospel through an indigenous ministry team and ultimately grow the local Church.

It is only your support and God’s strength working through Help The Persecuted that any of our efforts are successful.

Your Impact through Help The Persecuted