Everything is on the line when Christians like Namir and Imad share their faith at work. It could mean fresh onslaughts of persecution from coworkers, the ends of careers, or watching loved ones go hungry after losses of livelihood. And yet, our persecuted brothers and sisters know the supreme value of the Good News they have been entrusted with…they know it is worth losing everything for. 

Since job loss is such a prevalent form of persecution, we are intentionally expanding our Enduring Livelihood program to help more persecuted Christians find hope and dignity through entrepreneurship. We have provided over 190 Enduring Livelihood grants to unemployed believers, helping over 1,000 people find a sustainable solution to their financial problems.  

And as we move into new regions where persecution intensifies, our only plan is for expansion—to help more persecuted Christians rebuild their lives. 

Persecuted Christians like… 

Namir: Opening an Auto Parts Shop in Iraq 

When persecuted Iraqi Christian, Namir, was forced to flee ISIS, he struggled to make a living to support his family during their displacement. Through an Enduring Livelihood grant, Namir opened his own auto parts shop that provides for his wife and children while creating countless opportunities to share his faith in the community.  

Our Field Ministry Team member shared how this business transformed Namir’s life: 

“He said that without your support, he would have starved to death. And when he said that…he had tears in his eyes.” 

Namir himself shared his gratitude to those who made this Enduring Livelihood grant possible: 

“I am blessed by the love of the Lord and with your presence in my life.” 

Imad: Finding Success in Tailoring 

After losing his job on account of his conversion to Christianity, Imad was able to open his own tailoring shop through an Enduring Livelihood grant. He has found dignity and stability as he’s successfully built a clientele:  

“I just want to thank you for your generous support. I used to ask others for help, but now, I have my own work and am happy. I feed my family now without worries or fear.” 

When you give to Help The Persecuted, you are giving believers like Namir and Imad a second chance at life. You are providing a sustainable solution to the life-altering problems caused by persecution.  

Help us expand our Enduring Livelihood program today.