Christian persecution

How did Faiza go from living a safe, comfortable life with her prominent Muslim family to being divorced and homeless on the streets of another country?

She started asking questions…and God provided the Answer.


After watching a well-known Christian apologist online, Faiza’s religious beliefs were rattled.  

Could Muhammad be considered a holy prophet if he was driven by lust and killed those who refused to convert? Was there more than one way to interpret the Quran? What if Christians were right all along…what if Jesus were more than a prophet?

When Faiza took her questions to her uncle, an important Islamic leader in the community, he met her met with anger and threats of violence. After seeing the reactions of her other family members, she came to an earth-shattering realization: Truth is not threatened by questions…it welcomes them. Without having any of the answers, her faith in Islam crumbled. 


Faiza was beaten and shamed by her husband and family for abandoning Islam. They threatened to take away her children, inheritance, and even her life if she continued her spiritual search. But Faiza could not be deterred. If Jesus was the Son of God, it was worth discovering regardless of the circumstance. 

christian persecution

Eager to learn about God through more than logic and reason, Faiza connected with Christians online to aid in her pursuit of Truth. She prayed this honest prayer: 

“Lord, I need your help. If you really exist, please reach out to me.”

God answered Faiza as she studied the Bible that week. His Word came alive, speaking directly to her. She gave her life to Christ and started secretly attending a church close to her work, professing her faith with baptism shortly after. 


When her husband discovered that Faiza was attending church, he feared that her conversion would jeopardize his position in the military. He beat her, imprisoning her in their own home. He threatened to divorce her, taking their children with him. She was forced to quit working, losing a job that she enjoyed which provided her with a steady income.  

When he realized Faiza’s Christian faith was more than a phase, her husband eventually divorced her and took their children with him. Her uncle, who first threatened her for asking questions, planned to kill her, ridding the family of supposed shame.  

Faiza had no choice but to flee, leaving everything behind. Now in North Africa, Faiza is starting over. She is unemployed, with no means to pay for housing or food. Being a convert from Islam, she remains at risk of violent persecution in her new community. 

christian persecution

And yet, despite the heavy burden of persecution, Faiza’s faith flourished. The Truth had set her free, giving her the courage to follow Jesus no matter the cost. She clung to Jesus’ words from Matthew as she experienced abuse, isolation, and uncertainty: 

“And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.”—Matthew 10:28 


We are so grateful that our God orchestrated Faiza and Help The Persecuted to cross paths! After hearing her story, we were ready to meet her physical and spiritual needs immediately, providing living expenses as Faiza searches for a job and invests in her new church. And because of the generous support of friends like you, we are also helping with necessary visa expenses that will make it easier for Faiza to relocate if her family discovers where she is. 

Faiza’s words of gratitude, raw and heartfelt, remind us why we help the persecuted: 

“I was crying from the heart! My tears did not stop asking God to come closer so that I could hear his voice. I was screaming that I am tired of being homeless, a disgrace and shame to my family, and always in need. I cannot go back to my home country because I will die. I had nothing on me and no one to lean onto. Then you called me and told me that I was supported and that the money was there, just to come pick it up. Just thank you!”