Imagine facing suffering, torture, and possibly even death for simply uttering four words: 

“Jesus Christ is Lord.” 

This is the reality for over 360 million believers—your persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ—throughout the Muslim world. 

This year’s International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP)—held on the Sunday in November closest to All Saints Day—we invite you to pray boldly and fervently for the saints of the Church who are facing the unimaginable for Jesus Christ. 

God can use your intercession to sustain, strengthen, and grow the persecuted Church in the darkest of places today. Here are 10 specific ways you can pray for the persecuted this IDOP: 

  1. Pray for persecuted Christians displaced after fleeing death threats and violence.  

Lord, I pray for Christians who are on the run today—would you meet them in their fear and uncertainty? Provide them with peace, wisdom as they determine next steps, and strength to endure all things for Jesus Christ. Lead them to places, like our Safe Houses, where they can rebuild their lives in community with fellow believers. 

  1. Pray for persecuted Christians wearily questioning if their faith is worth such suffering.  

I know, God, that you are compassionate and faithful to those who are counting the cost to follow you. Would you lead persecuted Christians—many of whom are newer converts—into a fuller experience of your love? Give them all they need to stand firm in the face of persecution. 

  1. Pray for persecuted Christians cast into poverty after proclaiming Christ. 

Father, you have called us not to be anxious about anything, instead focusing on the things of the Kingdom as you provide for our tangible needs (Luke 12:22-31). I pray that you would provide for persecuted Christians who have lost livelihoods and inheritances to follow you—meet their urgent needs with Enduring Livelihood grants and Lightning Funds. 

  1. Pray for persecuted Christians whose suffering is exacerbated by political turmoil, economic crisis, or natural disasters. 

For those in Lebanon, Sudan, Morocco, Syria, Yemen, and beyond, I pray that you would use such devastating crises to draw the masses to yourself. Enable Help The Persecuted’s team to Rescue, Restore, and Rebuild lives with tailored crisis response. Bring healing, redemption, and salvation to stories long defined by suffering. 

  1. Pray for persecuted Christians enduring imprisonment and torture. 

Lord, I remember my persecuted brothers and sisters who are serving prison sentences and enduring torture for your sake. May they experience the richness of your presence, basking in Christ’s freedom within their locked cells. Give them opportunities to testify to your goodness. And ultimately, grant them freedom. 

  1. Pray for persecuted Christians abandoned by their families and communities. 

God, so grieve with our persecuted brothers and sisters who have been forced into divorces, lost custody of their children, and been severed from their families for placing their faith in you. I pray that you would bring reconciliation through your Gospel, and in the meantime, show them the richness of love within the family of Christ. 

  1. Pray for our Field Ministry Team, who regularly endure persecution, as they serve those most in need. 

I thank you Help The Persecuted’s Field Ministry Team, risking it all to stand by Christian converts through every wave of persecution. Bless their families, grant them endurance, and lead them into devoted times of rest. Lead them to those who need their ministry most. 

  1. Pray for the new populations of persecuted Christians we now serve after expanding our ministry reach. 

Father, I praise you for opening doors to expand Help The Persecuted’s ministry into places like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, and new regions of Iran. Would Field Ministry Team members rely on your Spirit’s leading as they reach previously untouched populations of persecuted Christians with tangible help and vital spiritual support. 

  1. Pray that the persecuted Church would grow in both breadth and depth. 

Lord, thank you for shepherding the global Body of Christ with loving intention. I pray that you would raise up godly leaders in the persecuted Church—leaders who will guide your sheep into deeper intimacy with Christ, bolder Gospel witness, and a unity that only your Spirit can provide. 

  1. Pray for salvation for those persecuting our brothers and sisters. 

Father, only your love can give me the strength to pray for those who commit such acts of evil against your children. As Jesus commands in Matthew 5:44, I ask that you, against all odds, would reveal yourself to those most adamantly opposed to your Son and His followers. I pray in Jesus’ name that persecution would come to a resolute end through the salvation of all nations. 

Thank you for faithfully standing with the persecuted Church. Do you want to continue ministering to your brothers and sisters throughout the Muslim world? Learn how you can pray and give towards their greater flourishing today: