“I am writing these words to you, and I am very frightened. I ask that you erase this letter as soon as you read it, for fear of it falling into the wrong hands...” 

This was the beginning of a long message we recently received from Egypt…a persecuted believer named Fauzi was desperate for help. 


Fauzi first encountered Jesus Christ in college. A few Christian peers invited him to participate in a comparative study of the world’s major religions. He read and discussed countless texts, but the words of Jesus—the love of Jesus—captivated his heart. He and his best friend, Wael, gave their lives to the Lord together.  

They knew that their decision to convert was dangerous. They both came from conservative Muslim families, vehemently opposed to Christianity. Renouncing Islam could cost them their lives. 

And for Wael, that was the devastating outcome.  


When Wael’s family learned of his newfound faith in Christ, they arranged an “accident”. He was followed and run down by a car operated by his own flesh and blood. Fauzi was inconsolable upon hearing the news, and he knew very well that he could be next. 

Weeks after, Fauzi was attacked by Muslim friends who he had courageously shared the Gospel with. They brutally beat him…cutting three of his fingers off. 

“Since that day until now, I have been hiding the truth of my religious belief from the people closest to me.” 


Time went by. Fauzi recovered from the attack, got a stable job, and married a fellow Christian convert, Maissa. They had children and raised them in the ways of Jesus. 

One day, while visiting Fauzi’s parents, his young son began repeating some of the Christian songs and rhymes he had been learning at home. Fauzi’s father, a well-known leader in an Islamic political party in Egypt, was tipped off. He had Fauzi’s computer, which was filled with Christian websites and messages, confiscated and searched. 

Fauzi knew that it was now only a matter of time. He and his family needed to escape. 

“Please…” he wrote to us, “save my children.” 


Our field team in Egypt jumped into action as soon as they received Fauzi’s message. They enabled his escape and prepared a room for him in our Safe House, far away from his persecutors. He is now surrounded by fellow Christians, worshipping freely and recovering from the trauma of persecution. 

Unfortunately, several rescue plans for his wife and children have been unsuccessful…the family is not letting Fauzi’s family out of their sight in fear that they will run away to join him. 

“I was sharing with Maissa about this place…how very secure and extremely safe it is. The Lord is arranging this for her and the children. I know that the Lord will bring us together again. She was grateful to know that many people are praying for us and that we are not alone.” 

The longer Fauzi is away, the more Maissa’s family is pressuring her to divorce him and start over. But she refuses. 

“I will not forsake my faith in Christ, and I will not allow this to happen no matter the cost.” 


Persecution brutally took the life of Fauzi’s closest friend. It cost him three fingers. It has forced him to live a “double life” to keep his family out of harm’s way. And now, it has separated him from his own wife and children.  

And yet, his faith has not wavered. 

Persecuted Christians like Fauzi are the reason we press on, bringing immediate help and spiritual support to thousands across the Muslim world. We will not relent until Maissa and the children are rescued until this family is reunited.  

We stand in the gap for those who have lost everything to persecution. Will you join us as we meet the overwhelming, urgent need?