Resurrection Sunday is the most sacred day for the Body of Christ—it carries the message of hope, redemption, and a new life in Christ.

Every day, God is giving new life to persecuted Christians in the Muslim world — but the cost of following Him is often heavy. Men, women and children face violence, death threats, rejection by family and community, imprisonment, and job loss. As a result, they often lose their home, food, clothing, medicine, and opportunities to work and earn wages that support themselves.

While God has filled their hearts with a new purpose and hope, He desires for the Body of Christ to support and encourage them through their season of persecution. They need resources to survive, safe housing, funds to start over, and discipleship to deepen their relationship with Jesus. Noor is one of these persecuted Christian women who need help in finding a safe place to stay and start over.

Update on Our Sister Noor

We told you about Noor several months ago. She grew up in a conservative Muslim family and began covering her head with the hijab when she was 10 years old. When she would read the Quran, she was always drawn to stories about Issa (Jesus). As she grew and learned more about Christianity, she told her mother she wanted to read the Bible. Her mother told her she would go to hell if she did, but this only made her more curious.

As a young adult, Noor received a Bible from a Christian woman. Eventually, Noor accepted Jesus as her Savior. She had always been drawn to this Good News!

When they found out about her faith conversion, her family beat her and humiliated her. They encouraged others in their community to hate Noor, and she began receiving threats.

Out of fear for her life, Noor had to leave and relocate to another town in Jordan. As a young woman in a new place, all alone, she struggled. Her electricity was cut off because she could not pay her rent. Job opportunities were few. And she had nowhere to turn — until your support allowed our Help The Persecuted team members to intervene.  

We placed her in a Safe House, met her basic needs, and provided encouragement and discipleship in the faith. After a week or more had passed, she was able to think more clearly about her future and what she wanted to do for work. She’d always loved art and was very talented in her artistic gifts. She had even earned a degree in this field before her life was turned upside down. She began to think again about being an art teacher. As it came time for her to move out of the Safe House, we provided funds for this new venture — she is now teaching art and equipped with her own studio!

Noor has moved out of the Safe House with hope for her future. As she begins this new chapter of living on her own, Noor knows she is not alone. Though her biological family is not part of her life, she has a new family in Christ — you and Help The Persecuted

When our local team leader visited with her recently she said: “Thank you for your love and support. I love you so much.”

Update on Our Brother Muhdati’s Farm

Of the nearly 360 million Christians who experience persecution, there are many whose entire livelihood has been destroyed.

Muhdati’s family was broken. As believers, they were targeted, their home and family farm in Syria were destroyed.

We came alongside Muhdati and provided farm supplies and cows to start a herd through our Enduring Livelihood program.

When our Field Ministry Team members visited Syria recently, they stopped by Muhdati’s farm. The family was excited to show us their new calf, born just weeks earlier — a vital new member of their herd!

Muhdati, overcome with emotion, told our team: “It may sound so simple, but you have saved our entire family. This small investment gave us hope in this country.”

The Body of Christ is Called to Help the Persecuted

Our Enduring Livelihood program brings hope and stability to families and communities in the Muslim world. In devastated areas like war-torn Syria, we are showing others that they are not alone and that the body of Christ stands with them.

Through our Safe Houses, like the one where Noor stayed, we’re providing a secure place where living expenses are provided so that persecuted believers can find rest and hope to begin their lives anew.

God has called us, members of the Body of Christ, to carry one another’s burdens. To pour in and lift up, to be His hands and feet, to share the joy of our salvation with those who need joy, and to provide hope and peace to those who live without.

Will you stand in the gap for persecuted believers, sharing the beautiful gift of God’s love and His promise for a new life?

Your generosity now, as the Lord leads, will help us empower Noor and others just like her to move beyond persecution and live fully alive in Christ.

The Body of Christ Restoring New Life for the Persecuted