Lilia fled Syria when a missile fell on her children’s school. Although her children survived, they suffered gravely from the psychological effects of the war. While they soon settled into a new home in Lebanon, they were traumatized and paranoid by the thought of it happening to them again.  

Lilia Hears the Gospel 

They moved to Lebanon with very little, having left most of their belongings behind in the chaos of war. One of Lilia’s new neighbors, Ayah, saw that the family was in desperate need of basic supplies like food and clothing. Ayah invited them to her church, where practical help was being distributed.  

The ladies at the distribution were very kind, unlike many in the community who were unwelcoming towards refugees, so Lilia began to attend meetings and form friendships within the church community. While she had grown up in a nominally Christian home, something about this church was different…. She began to read the Bible for herself and was struck by the teachings of Jesus, who seemed very humble and kind. She wanted to learn how to live a life that pleased Him.  

But then, one day, her son grew ill, to the point of almost losing his hearing. Out of options, Lilia decided to pray for him in the name of Jesus…and he was healed! Seeing the healing power of Jesus on display, Lilia and her husband became Christians that day. They had never experienced such love and transformation! They began to receive discipleship lessons and will soon make a public declaration of faith with baptism! 

Persecution Ensues 

However, persecution soon followed. Lilia’s family abandoned them, severing their relationship because of the couple’s newfound faith in Jesus. Lilia and her husband grieved this loss, as they love their family dearly. And then their neighbors began to mock them, implying that they converted to Christianity for free handouts with comments like, “What did they give you in church today?” and “Can we get some aid too?”.  

The August 2020 blast in Beirut made matters even worse for Lilia and her husband.  Their home was damaged, but due to the economic crisis in Lebanon, they had no money for necessary repairs. While both Lilia’s husband and oldest son maintain steady, full-time jobs, their salaries are very low, and they often rely on aid from their church. Without anywhere else to go and no way to fund repairs, they lived in a home for almost three years with broken doors, windows, and no electricity.  

Help The Persecuted Steps In 

When our on-the-ground Field Ministry Team recently met with Lilia and her family, we were amazed by their steadfastness in faith and love of the Lord. They encouraged us just as much as we tried to encourage them! 

Now, Help The Persecuted is delighted to help this brave family of faith as they endure persecution and finally begin to rebuild their home. They will be given the funds for five new doors, a window, and electrical repairs! This will help Lilia and her family stay warm in the winter and remain in their neighborhood, where they hope to be a light to their neighbors… even those who persecute them. 

We are grateful to come alongside countless persecuted believers in Lebanon whose lives are still suffering from the effects of the 2020 Beirut explosion. Lilia’s family—and so many other persecuted believers like them—are being rescued, restored, and rebuilt because of your generosity. We are so grateful for your partnership. Would you consider giving a gift today to help more persecuted believers in crisis?