The Christmas season is full of joy and giving. It’s a time to celebrate the birth of our Savior, and spend time with family — looking forward to the new year ahead. And while Christians everywhere will celebrate Christ’s birth, millions are enduring serious hardships right now.

Before the pandemic began, Christians living in the Middle East and North Africa were already facing life-threatening challenges. And due to ongoing persecution and the recent wars in Syria and Iraq, the refugee crisis in the Middle East has only continued to grow:

  • More than five and a half million people have fled Syria into neighboring countries like Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey. Another six million remain displaced in Syria.
  • Tens of thousands of Iranian converts have been forced to flee into Turkey or face imprisonment.  
  • Lebanon and Jordan don’t allow work permits for refugees, so many are unable to provide for themselves and their families.

One of Help The Persecuted’s Field Ministry Team leaders in Lebanon tells us that “if we don’t help, people will literally starve.” Which is why we’ve put together a plan to help.

Stories of Hope & Help

Hassan and Amena’s stories are just two examples of the type of persecuted Christians that Help The Persecuted will be bringing Help & Hope to this Christmas. 

A few years ago, Hassan heard a local pastor say that he was praying for ISIS, despite their violence towards Christians. This shocked Hassan. Why would someone pray for their enemies? His curiosity caused him to meet with the pastor and who introduced him to the love of Christ.

After nine months of discipleship, Hassan was baptized. He had found a renewed purpose in God, but he also inherited those enemies of his new faith. His family, friends, and colleagues all began harassing him because he had become a Christian.

When Hassan’s family threatened to kill him, he took his family and fled to safety in Turkey. Now refugees with no to little income, Hassan and his family continue to face ongoing persecution while serving the Lord faithfully.

Amena is a young Christian woman from Egypt. One day, her husband tried to force her into a life of prostitution in order to make more money. Amena reached out to her parents for help, but they sided with her husband.

At the same time, she began facing threats of violence from the community because of her faith. So a local church helped her to escape as a refugee in Lebanon. Because her family is still looking for her, she has to constantly change where she lives and can only go into public wearing a disguise.

Amena has been struggling and is grateful to have been introduced recently to Help The Persecuted.

A plan for Help & Hope

With your support this Christmas, we are planning to bring tailored packages of Help & Hope to persecuted Christian refugee families in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.

The difficult situation for millions of refugees has been made even more complicated by the global pandemic and upcoming winter season. They’re in desperate need of the most basic human necessities like food and warmth. More than that, they also need the love and encouragement of people like you.

Through the tireless efforts of our Field Ministry Teams, we will be reaching these vulnerable populations with a number of much-needed gifts this Christmas.

  • Critical food supplies like rice, flour, oil, and other basic items for survival.
  • Warm coats and heating supplies as families struggle to stay warm and healthy during the cold winter season.
  • Toys for children since many haven’t celebrated Christmas or received any gifts in years.
  • Bibles and other discipleship materials for equipping and encouraging the spiritual growth of the entire family.

We have already helped more than 30,000 persecuted believers this year. With your help, we can reach thousands more during this Christmas season!

How you can help those in need

Every $35 provides critical supplies for survival, toys, and spiritual encouragement to one persecuted refugee family this Christmas! Each time you give, you’re making a tangible difference in the lives of a family in crisis.

Help The Persecuted has also received a special Matching Challenge Grant for this December. That means your gift will be multiplied in impact on persecuted Christians.

We’re not able to do this without your continued support. When you bring Help & Hope to the persecuted, you are not only meeting their basic needs for survival, but empowering them to be the light of Christ shining in the darkness — a living testimony to His goodness!