“If you do not revert back from Christianity, you will be destined to death.” 

So read a letter mailed to a new Christian, a recent convert from Islam who was sheltering in one of our Safe Houses in the Middle East. 

The very same day, the father of a believer in the same network received two bullets in the mail with this note:  

“This letter is a warning. We have received confirmed information about the behavior of your ignorant son and his views that are against Islam. We are aware of his connections with an external group of infidels. He has been dealing with Americans, and we are going to have to punish him. May God help us to execute him.” 

This is what many of our brothers and sisters in Christ face in the Muslim world. The pressure and persecution are intense. Many converts to Christianity expect to lose their lives on account of Christ, including Mustafa, who one day sent our team this message in secret:  

“I know we will be killed, but we wish to be baptized first.” 

We have heard countless stories like this. Each one breaks our hearts—and moves us to immediate action, spurring us to become the hands and feet of Christ to our brothers and sisters in danger. Because of the growing need for temporary safe havens for persecuted Christians on the run with nowhere to go, we have created and steadily run a Safe House network throughout the Muslim world, with plans to expand in the coming year. 

Our Safe House Network 

Located in 18 strategic places in some of the most dangerous places in the Muslim world, our Safe Houses shelter persecuted Christians and help them heal after extreme persecution. Many arrive at Safe Houses traumatized, in need of physical care, and overwhelmed by the uncertainty of the future—but many, like Nour in Lebanon, also feel an overarching sense of hope: 

“I felt peaceful as never before when I arrived at the Safe House. God sent you amid my struggles. Thank you for your help.” —Nour, Lebanon 

As time passes, this hope becomes tangible, as it did for Nasir and his family. When Nasir’s brothers heard about his conversion to Christianity, they began to plot to kill him for apostasy from Islam. Nasir and his family escaped the country, and we were able to harbor them in one of our Safe Houses as they began the process of restoration after horrific persecution. 

“I cannot believe that you supported me and my family. You saved us and put a smile on our faces. Thank you!” —Nasir, Lebanon 

Discipleship in Safe Houses 

Our Safe Houses not only conceal persecuted Christians from their persecutors—they also provide a safe space of spiritual restoration. Because of this, our Safe Houses are places of discipleship, worship, and fellowship with other persecuted believers and our field team members, many of whom have walked through intense persecution themselves. 

With this emphasis on discipleship in our Safe Houses, persecuted believers are ready to be beacons of light in their new communities when it’s time to move on—sharing the Gospel with others as someone once shared it with them.  

For example, when Sabah and his family left Islam to follow Christ, they faced death threats from their own family members. Our Field Ministry Team was able to help their family safely make it onto a flight, escape, and settle into our Safe House in a nearby country. Sabah shared with our team: 

“Thank you for supporting us! Now, how can we serve you and the church?” 

Despite all the suffering, he is eager to continue the work of Christ and minister to those in need! 

In addition, our Safe House residents often leave with hearts to care for other persecuted Christians like themselves. Speaking of a group of Christians we were sheltering in a Safe House, our Field Team member shared,  

“We thought they would retreat, they would hide—but they did not! So we are still with this group. We’re equipping them to share the Gospel and helping them know what to do in certain risky situations, like the ones they are facing now.”  

Support Our Safe House Network 

Our 18 Safe Houses across the Middle East have provided countless persecuted Christians a place of refuge, restoration, and hope. In 2022, our Safe House ministry tripled, and as 2023 approaches, we are hoping to add at least four new Safe Houses in critical areas, including our first one in Central Asia. Our hope and prayer is that the Lord will continue to expand this network into the areas that need it most, providing refuge for Christian converts in danger throughout the Muslim world.  

Would you consider supporting our Safe House ministry, playing a tangible role in our efforts to Rescue, Restore, and Rebuild the lives of persecuted believers?