The Qaraqosh Community Center – previously a bombed and burnt out home

Following ISIS’s reign of terror in Iraq, many towns remain completely destroyed. In almost every case, the most devastated buildings, homes, and businesses belong to Christians. This is not by accident. One of the jihadists’ primary objectives was to totally eradicate Christianity from the Middle East.

In the Nineveh plain, it is estimated that more than 100,000 Christians were forced to leave their homes. Since the defeat of ISIS, some of these displaced Christians are starting to return home — but only to find wreckage and ruin.

In the city of Qaraqosh, only 40% have returned. While many feel it isn’t safe, most stay away due to a lack of opportunities and infrastructure. But Help The Persecuted is on the ground in Iraq helping Christians recover what has been lost. In this city, we’ve built a Christian Community Center that will offer English training classes, discipleship, career training, computer skills, and even a pre-school.  

The rebuilt Qaraqosh Community Center

Our field teams are also tangibly and pastorally supporting Iraqi Christians as they rebuild their homes and lives. But we can’t stop here. The need only continues to grow. 

We desire to see these Iraqi Christian communities restored and to see a flourishing Church in the midst of the Muslim world as we equip our brothers and sisters to stand firm and share their faith (Matthew 28:19).