For many members of strictly religious families in the Muslim world, they are confused by the rules of Islam. On one hand, they suffer extreme consequences if they don’t live up to the exact rules of their religion, yet they know they will be persecuted by authorities if they leave those confusing teachings behind. The difference is, the love and joy that fills the hearts of Muslim converts is worth the suffering. To be called children of God, held in His hands by an eternal embrace of salvation, is worth far more than the pain of harassment, torture, imprisonment and excommunication.

For most of us in the West, we find it challenging to understand how our brothers and sisters are able to withstand nightmare-ish situations while remaining faithful, joyful, and gracious when they are persecuted by their own governments, police, co-workers, friends, and even their own family members.

When we hear stories like Daria’s, below, we can thank God for her journey that stands as a witness to us of God’s faithfulness and protection. Daria’s life story, and that of so many brothers and sisters in the Muslim world, are modern-day faith stories we can cling to—just as we cling to the faith stories of the Bible.

Daria’s Journey to Faith

​​She desperately needed someone to lovingly intervene.

Born into a devout Muslim family in Iran, Daria dutifully performed the rituals of her family’s faith. In her heart, however, she felt it was empty, harsh, and merciless. She witnessed her family and society trying to control her with the terror of God. “You will be hung up by every hair that appears from under your scarf,” they would warn.

With every threat of vengeance, Daria’s bitterness grew.

When Daria’s husband was paralyzed in an accident, her hopelessness began to overwhelm her. Daria was exhausted from being a mother, a full-time caregiver to her husband, and her family’s sole provider. Her Muslim faith offered no consolation.

She started asking God to rescue her and give her joy and satisfaction.

A Christian family introduced Daria to the Gospel — and Daria gave her heart to Jesus Christ. Her husband and daughter saw the change in Daria’s life — her happiness and peace, despite the family’s hard situation — and they claimed the hope of Jesus, too.

Persecuted by the Authorities 

As with many converts, however, Daria faced immediate persecution after it was discovered that she had accepted Christ and had begun attending a secret church.

She was arrested by police, violently beaten, and raped. Her life, and the lives of her husband and daughter, were threatened. When the police finally released Daria, her family was forced to flee.

Today, they are safe in Turkey. We are helping them with rent, food, and medical care for Daria’s husband. Help The Persecuted will stay the course with this family, providing physical and spiritual support until they are on their feet again and able to safely make a living in their new location.

Sacrificing It All for Jesus

Daria and her family aren’t alone. Your Christian brothers and sisters in the Muslim world and other dark places around the world are sacrificing greatly for their faith.

They’ve been persecuted — targeted and mistreated, abused and betrayed. And they’ve watched their loved ones die for claiming the name of Christ.

God has given us a strategic opportunity to reach persecuted believers in regions hostile to the Gospel. Help The Persecuted is positioned to make a radical difference in the lives of hurting and broken people like Daria — having helped more than 46,000 persecuted believers last year.

Family helped by Help The Persecuted's Field Ministry Team

Help for the Persecuted in Iran

Because stories like Daria’s are increasing in number, Help The Persecuted is grateful to have recently hired our first Field Ministry Team member inside Iran. Our teams have helped many Iranians, mostly once they have escaped their homeland. With the hiring of our newest team member, we will be able to help more persecuted believers inside Iran.

We must be extremely cautious in our communication with our Iranian team member because all communications in Iran are monitored closely. Iran is strictly ruled by the Islamic law of Sharia. Sharia law requires apostates — people who convert from Islam to other faiths, like Christianity — to be killed. His life, as well as many other converts’ lives, are at risk because they have chosen to follow Jesus Christ. 

Supporting Believers Persecuted by Authorities

It’s our privilege to support these brave believers whose lives bear witness to the power of salvation in Jesus Christ. We develop relationships, preach God’s Truth, disciple new believers, and meet needs as the hands and feet of Jesus — building up our persecuted brothers and sisters as they stand firm.

The suffering of God’s people around the world is great. When you stand with us to help shoulder their burden you empower our Field Ministry Team and ministry partners to Rescue, Restore, and Rebuild lives while encouraging and discipling refugees, new converts, and long-time believers. Your support helps us provide:

  • Lightning Funds for those in imminent danger
  • Safe Houses serving Christians on the run
  • Emergency Relief Kits, temporary housing, and basic living needs
  • Pastoral care, discipleship programs, and connections to a local church
  • Spiritual retreats and training conferences to address trauma, disciple converts, and refresh persecuted believers
  • Medical expenses for those in need of medications and treatments
  • Enduring Livelihood through small business training and development

What a wonderful way to share the hope and love of Christ!

Thank you for opening your heart and reaching out with Christ-like compassion to those who are willing to risk so much for our Lord and Savior.

Persecuted by Authorities: Daria’s Story of Faith