In contrast to the empty promises of false religions that lead to frustration and confusion, God’s Word is true, He is trustworthy, and His Spirit brings peace. He describes Himself as one who will never leave or forsake His people (Deuteronomy 31:8). He is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8). His desire is for a relationship with men and women, and He gave His own Son to secure that relationship and show His deep love. This is a life-changing concept for someone coming out of the rituals and requirements of false religion, as we can see in the testimony of Adnan.

Seeking the Way

Adnan grew up in Syria in a family that practiced the Druze religion. Druze is an outgrowth of Islam but is a unique religious and ethnic sect that incorporates elements of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. A secretive and eclectic religion, the Druze are a relatively small group who do not allow converts to or from their beliefs. One must be born into a Druze family to be part of the religion.

Into this mysterious religious heritage, Adnan was born. He was not allowed to learn about the Druze faith until he was 17 years old when he was given special clothing and began his formal religious training. His early training did not include any mention of God. Yet, as he learned from and grew closer to the leaders, he observed immoral behavior in their lives. This immorality confused and saddened Adnan, and he decided not to continue his training.

At the age of 18, Adnan was hired by the Syrian intelligence service. He became friends with some Muslim colleagues and decided to convert to Islam. He was even circumcised to confirm his new religion. A year later, however, he left Islam because he felt that it encouraged hypocrisy by focusing on external practices without changing the heart. He rejected religion altogether and returned again to his Druze origins, as a tribal identity rather than a religious system.

Adnan Hears the Truth

Soon after this return to Druze, Adnan met a Christian man who told him what Christianity really was—not a religion but a relationship with the living God. He told Adnan something he had never heard before: “Jesus came for all the nations.” This struck Adnan to the core. He meditated on this truth over and over. One night, Adnan had a vision of a beautiful bright light; he heard a voice say, “You have arrived!” and experienced indescribable joy.

Adnan began working in commerce and visited his Christian friend at his workplace. Another merchant came into the store and made the comment, “I can buy 100 gods with my money!” These words annoyed Adnan, but his Christian friend took the opportunity to share the good news of the Gospel—that we worship the one true all-powerful God who gave His only Son to die for our sins. Adnan was encouraged to begin praying and communicating with God.

Adnan wanted to follow God but was worried about losing his business. He knew that following God could come with a cost—his livelihood could be threatened or lost if he professed to be a Christian. He felt an internal struggle raging within him—follow God or follow his own desires?

Discovering Life in Christ

One day, Adnan decided to attend a local church. During the service, Adnan felt compelled to tell the Lord, “I came to visit You, not people.” He saw that beautiful bright light once more, and He knew God wanted a relationship with him through Jesus. He gave his life to God and began regularly attending the church.

Adnan shared his new faith with his wife, Faten, and though at first she did not believe, after several months she professed Jesus as her Lord as well.

Adnan began sharing the Gospel with others in his community. He did not want to keep the Good News to himself. But this made religious leaders in the area very angry, and they began issuing death threats against him. The father of a man Adnan led to Jesus became very angry and threatened him as well. Faten and their younger children fled to live with her parents out of fear for their lives, while Adnan and his oldest son fled to a neighboring country for safety and to try to find work. Initially, they stayed with Druze relatives, but they too continually persecuted and humiliated him for his Christian faith. 

Adnan and his son were connected with a Help The Persecuted Safe House, and they have found safety there for the time being. Help The Persecuted provides them with shelter, basic necessities, and spiritual resources for encouragement and growth.

Adnan would like to find steady work soon. The economic situation in his current country is very dire, so it is difficult to obtain employment. Help The Persecuted is also providing financial resources to reunite his family so they can all live together safely once again.

Help The Persecuted sees the truth of Jesus changing hearts and lives every day because of the faithful witness of brave believers like Adnan. We come alongside these persecuted brothers and sisters to help them keep telling their stories of God’s goodness and grace.

Out of false religions, God called Adnan to new life in Christ