Christians are the #1 most persecuted people groups on earth. 


And time is running out … 

Every 2 hours, 1 Christian is killed for their faith. 
Every day, 3 Christians are abducted.
Every week, 37 Christians are imprisoned without trial. 

Syria … by the numbers


Civil war in Syria has raged on for 8 years, leaving destruction in its wake.


Wars and ISIS terrorism have claimed the lives of 400,000 innocent Syrians. 


Number of people left with physical disabilities from the war. 


As of February 2019, 550 attacks on 384 separate medical facilities have crippled the nation’s healthcare. 


Of the 7 million Syrian and Iraqi refugees, 58% are Christians.


The number of people in Syria in desperate need of assistance and care. This number grows by the day! 


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