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Riya grew up in a devoutly religious family and followed the traditional rules and rituals of their faith. Yet, she was often analyzing this religious behavior, and she began to feel unsettled about what to believe.

When she moved away from home for work, she began to search freely for the truth. She studied the Quran and found many problems and felt that she was far from Allah. She was later introduced to a local pastor and given a Bible to read.

After four days of praying, she saw a bright light, and heard a voice — this vision changed her life. She began to read the Bible and pray daily. She then was baptized secretly. Her roommates found her Bible and threatened to tell her parents if she did not leave, so she moved.

She met her husband, a convert, at church — they married secretly so as not to draw attention from her family. When her parents found out about her marriage, they began threatening her and her husband. The couple moved from one place to another so Riya’s parents would not find them.

A colleague contacted Riya’s parents and told them that she was not a devout Muslim anymore, so Riya’s brother-in-law tried to kidnap her. But when she screamed, he and his accomplices ran away. However, the kidnapping attempt was traumatic and it affected her and her unborn baby’s health. Due to the ongoing stress, Riya and her husband borrowed money from a friend and moved to Lebanon.

Having just arrived in Lebanon it is difficult for them to find work. Riya must rest with the baby coming soon. $1,500 from Help The Persecuted will provide for living expenses and medical care. They desire to continue growing in their faith and healing from the trauma of their families’ attacks.

Help Riya’s family start a new life!

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