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Noor grew up in a conservative Muslim family and began covering herself when she was 10 years old. When she would read the Quran, she was always drawn to stories about Issa (Jesus). As she grew and learned more about Christianity she told her mother she wanted to read the Bible. Her mother told her she would go to hell if she did, but this only made her more curious.

As a young adult, Noor received a Bible from a Christian woman. After a period of time, Noor accepted Jesus as her Savior. She had always been drawn to this Good News! 

When they found out about her faith conversion, her family beat her and humiliated her. They encouraged others in their community to hate Noor, and she began receiving threats.

Out of fear for her life, Noor had to leave and relocate to another town in Jordan. Now, as a young woman in a new place, all alone, she is struggling. Her electricity was recently cut off, and she has no family or friends to help her as she begins her new life. She went to the local church, and the pastor introduced her to Help The Persecuted

It will cost $4,200 to help Noor for 6 months with her housing and basic living expenses. This will allow her the security and stability she needs to find work and start over on her own. Our team, along with the local pastor, will continue to invest in discipling Noor and helping her grow spiritually. 

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