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Leanna grew up in a strict, religious home where she felt trapped. She often wondered what life would be like if Allah did not exist.

Her aunt was a Christian and showed great love and care for Leanna. So, Leanna began to wonder about her life and watch Christian TV programming when she was alone. Leanna felt shame for watching these shows and prayed to Allah for forgiveness. One night, Leanna had a dream where a man in white appeared to her. She felt a wave of peace and joy like never before. She realized later that the figure in her dream was Jesus. 

Leanna then began searching Facebook for Christians near her. When her family discovered this, they beat her. Her brother was so enraged, he held her at knifepoint threatening her to deny Jesus or die.

After her family loosened their restrictions on her, Leanna met up with a Christian woman who she told her family was an English teacher. This friend brought Leanna to Christ. Soon, Leanna’s family grew suspicious and began threatening and questioning her. Fearing for her life, she left the country. Her name has now been given to authorities, and she will be imprisoned if she tries to return to her home country.

Leanna left her family with very little and is struggling to remain hidden while trying to plan her next steps. Leanna is currently living in one of our Safe Houses but may have to be relocated again. Support of $1,200 will allow our team to continue to provide safe housing and living expenses and make plans for her future.

Your gift today will provide hope and stability for Leanna!

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