Funded: Thank You

Bartal moved to Iraq and started a family. When he revisited his hometown in Syria seeking affordable medical treatment for his daughter, he learned the radiologist was a Christian. The doctor connected him to a pastor in Syria who told him about a church near where he lived in Iraq.

After this short visit to Syria, Bartal returned to Iraq and joined the church, where he grew in his faith. Soon, his whole family came to faith in Jesus Christ.

When Bartal first moved to Iraq, he worked in chemical engineering jobs. He was mistreated and eventually fired several times because he didn’t pray like a Muslim. When he could not find a job anymore, he began selling things on the streets. Finally, some church members helped him open a mini-market of groceries and necessities.

Because he used to watch Arabic Christian TV channels in the store, people who know Arabic found out about his conversion and began to take advantage of his kindness by telling him they would pay for their items later. The store shelves soon became bare.

Bartal needs our support to deploy security measures such as cameras and guards as well as help revive the store by providing stock for his shelves. Bartal needs $2,000 to reopen his store and provide for his family.

With your support, Bartal could lay a stable and consistent footing for the business to grow. With your help, this business will be a light in the community.

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