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In Afghanistan, Farzaad worked in public administration and helped to lead an underground church in Kabul. Farzaad came to accept Jesus as his Savior when he became curious about a world religion book he found in the library while attending university. He was amazed to learn that there were over two billion Christians in the world. 

With his curiosity piqued, he learned more, and was discipled by a local Christian church leader. Farzaad then started a journey to become trained as a church leader and Bible teacher. 

When the Taliban took over his country, Farzaad knew that they would come after him and kill him, because according to the Islamic law conversion from Islam to other religions is punishable by death. That’s when he, and his wife decided to flee to Pakistan with their toddler son, but they were stopped at the border, and the Taliban did not let them cross. The Taliban soldiers took their money, and his wife’s gold, and they forcibly returned them to their home. They soon tried again to cross another border, but the Pakistani army started shooting at them, and they had to retreat to Afghanistan. After this harrowing experience, they decided to go to Kabul, and hide. 

That is when they met our Help The Persecuted team. We provided them a safe place to live until we were able to evacuate them to a temporary refugee camp. 

Help The Persecuted has been given an upcoming deadline by the temporary host country for resettlement of Farzaad’s family, along with hundreds of other persecuted Afghans. We are currently assisting them with:

  • Paperwork that must be completed for their resettlement
  • Arrangements for flights to a new home country
  • Temporary housing and living expenses once they resettle
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