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After her parents cancelled her wedding to a Christian man, they forced Damsa to marry a Muslim man. He was abusive and she later divorced him. 

With one child from her first marriage, Damsa’s family forced her to marry again. This second husband was an even worse abuser because he was a heavy drug user. While under the influence of drugs, Damsa’s husband would beat her nearly to death, using household objects to hit and stab her. 

One night, when he was unable to obtain drugs, he beat her severely and began to choke her. As the air drained from her body, she prayed for God to deliver her. Her husband dropped her to the ground and told her he would kill her that night.

It was that same night that Damsa’s in-laws had planned to help Damsa escape, unbeknownst to Damsa. They knew their son would kill her and their children.

Once she was safe, she began divorce proceedings and kept on the move so her ex-husband couldn’t find her. After her near-death experience and desperate plea to God, she sought to know more about Jesus, and eventually accepted Him as her Savior.

When the Taliban took over Afghanistan in August, Damsa’s ex-husband informed them that she had become a Christian, and that they must find her and kill her. 

While on the run, Damsa and her children were introduced to Help The Persecuted. We were able to provide safe housing for her prior to evacuating them to a temporary refugee camp. She and her children took nothing with them, their every need is being provided by the Body of Christ. “This evacuation saved me and my kids’ lives and gave us a chance to survive.” 

Help The Persecuted has been given an upcoming deadline by the temporary host country for resettlement for Damsa and her children, along with hundreds of other persecuted Afghans. We are currently assisting them with:

  • Paperwork that must be completed for their resettlement
  • Arrangements for flights to a new home country
  • Temporary housing and living expenses once they resettle