When the Help The Persecuted team made strategic plans for this past year, growth into Afghanistan was at the top of the list. It had long been on our radar as a country where Christians were suffering extreme persecution and discrimination. Recent research confirms that Afghanistan is the most difficult country in which to be a Christian, and Time Magazine ranked it as the worst place in the world to be a woman.

After the American withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021, Help The Persecuted team members began hearing stories from daughters, fathers, elderly pastors, and young men who were afraid for their lives — all of them pleading to be evacuated by anyone who would listen.

Our team worked day and night to identify, document and secure flights for countless persecuted Afghans. Women like Farida who shared her father had been kidnapped and imprisoned by the Taliban—she and her family were frightened and desperate. And women like Sayeda who told us of her horrific experience since the Taliban took control. She was raped, her father killed, and her mother died of a heart attack following all the stress.

We are grateful to report our chartered flights did eventually get cleared and 545 persecuted Afghans were rescued. In total, last fall, we helped more than 750 people safely evacuate.
Help The Persecuted is still delivering critical help to those trapped inside the country, offering temporary Safe Housing and some provisions to families like Farzaneh’s, who were unable to board the flight due to just giving birth to their daughter.

The timeline of our efforts in Afghanistan

Resettlement Efforts Continue

We struggled to find a place to house evacuees after leaving Afghanistan. In a miraculous move of the Lord, a nearby country opened its doors as a temporary harbor for our refugees.

Today, we have helped move many of these refugees to new home countries, and others remain in process, awaiting immigration paperwork, and other details to come together.

Help The Persecuted is committed to continuing our efforts in resettling Afghan refugees to areas where they can begin to rebuild their lives. This support includes coordinating paperwork, providing housing, living expenses, and critical food supplies.

Help Us Impact More Persecuted Afghans

Persecuted Afghans need your ongoing prayers and financial support. As the crisis continues, as we grow our staff in the region, as we remain committed to Rescue, Restore, and Rebuild the lives of persecuted Afghans — we need your ongoing prayers and financial support. 

Please prayerfully consider what you, your family, or your church may be able to do to help our persecuted brothers and sisters. Thank you!


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