Since the Taliban took control of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, conditions have increasingly worsened for families living under their iron-fisted control…especially for Christians.

With your support, Help The Persecuted along with trusted partners, rescued hundreds of people from Taliban persecution. These families are now resettling in foreign countries where they can establish businesses, find jobs, and rebuild their lives with stability and dignity.

And yet…there are thousands of Christians who are still living under daily threat and awaiting rescue.

Since August 2021, Afghanistan’s economy has tumbled, creating a lack of resources like gas and fuel for heating, and critical food necessities like oil, flour and rice. News outlets have reported on multiple deaths from starvation and cold exposure. The situation grows more dire by the day as the Afghanistan Islamic government fumbles to provide for its people.

Left Behind With the Taliban in Afghanistan

There is so much need in Afghanistan, and we are blessed that God has granted us favor to be able to provide resources to Afghans through private, secure means. In our attempt to evacuate as many persecuted Christians from Afghanistan, there were, inevitably, some who were not able to come with us. Some stayed back to be with their families. Some did not have the appropriate paperwork and weren’t allowed to leave. Others, like Farzaneh, were forced to stay behind.

Farzaneh, her husband, Lodhi, along with their two children were caught up in the Taliban takeover while Farzaneh was eight months pregnant. Sensing imminent danger and persecution from the Taliban, Farzaneh reached out to a pastor in Turkey over Facebook looking for help. This pastor was aware of Help The Persecuted and connected Farzaneh with us. From there, we began to prepare necessary documents and gather information to help this family to safety.

Our first task was to quietly and secretly prepare to move the family to a Safe House we were operating in northern Afghanistan. Once there, the family kept a low profile, only leaving the Safe House for urgent needs.

A Baby Girl Born in Afghanistan

While Farzaneh and her family waited in the Safe House, the Help The Persecuted team were working day and night to secure a flight and accommodations in a neighboring country where these persecuted Afghans could begin their journey on to new lives. During this waiting period, Farzaneh went into labor and delivered a healthy girl. Days after the birth, Help The Persecuted’s efforts came to fruition, and a flight was approved to leave for a temporary refugee camp where Afghan evacuees would have time to plan their resettlement.

On the flight manifest were hundreds of people, including Farzaneh and her family. However, due to the age of the baby—less than 10 days old—Farzaneh and her family were forced to stay behind. The airline rules stated that babies had to be at least 10 days old in order to have sufficient lung capacity to handle the altitude during the flight. The family was devastated to learn that the flight could endanger their child and therefore wouldn’t be able to leave as they wished. However, they clung to their faith and leaned into the support of our partners in Afghanistan. This change of plans did not alter Help The Persecuted’s commitment to this family.

An Encounter with the Taliban

Soon after the evacuation flight left Afghanistan, Farzaneh and all three children got sick. In order to get the medications they needed, Farzaneh and their new baby ventured out to be treated and get medicine from the local hospital. Her husband and two other children stayed at home. As Farzaneh and the baby left the hospital, they were confronted by the Taliban and arrested for being out of the home without her husband.

Fortunately, a Taliban member called Farzaneh’s husband who explained that he was home with their sick children and was unable to accompany his wife to the hospital. After much explanation and pleading, Farzaneh and her baby were released.

Before she left, the Taliban threatened Farzaneh with imprisonment if she left home without her husband again.

Interrogated and Arrested by the Taliban

Terrified by the situation, Farzaneh is eager to get her family out of Afghanistan. Recently, she reported that the Taliban entered the home and interrogated them for hours about who they are in contact with, and if they have communicated with any aid organizations. Many people were arrested who admitted they wanted to leave Afghanistan. Farzaneh is afraid that the Taliban are getting closer and closer to discovering their faith which could mean death or torture for her family.

Help The Persecuted is Committed to Afghan Families

The situation in Afghanistan changes day to day and since our flights out this fall, there have been no additional opportunities for us or our partners to evacuate more persecuted Afghans. 

While we keep a watchful eye on the situation and continue providing resources through our secret channels, we are grateful to be able to provide rent and living expenses for Farzaneh and her family. They have very little—making due with the small amount of clothing they have this winter, and the intermittent food deliveries. They are scared of the Taliban. They are desperate to leave their country. And they remain strong in faith, patiently waiting on the Lord to provide a way where there seems to be no way.

Your support has allowed us to provide a sense of stability amid the uncertainty and stress of their situation. Your gift today will provide much more for Farzaneh and her family in the coming weeks and months ahead, as they wait on the Lord to help them escape Afghanistan.

On the Run from the Taliban with a Newborn in Arms