Why Iran? 

Iran is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a Christian. There was a time when persecution was experienced only by pastors and those openly promoting their faith. But now, every believer is targeted. If you log into a church service via Zoom, you can expect the police to be at your door the very same day.  

Many of the Iranian believers we’ve made connections with have been jailed indefinitely for their faith. After meeting with a group of Iranian pastors and hearing their testimonies, one of our Field Ministry Team members said this: 

“Each one of them was imprisoned for many months, if not years, and I just felt like, ‘Are we Christians? Do we really know what persecution means?’ These men are giants of faith, and we are nothing!” 

The Addition of a Field Ministry Team Member 

Help The Persecuted has grown well-acquainted with stories of persecution coming out of Iran. We have been blessed to host Spiritual Retreats for Iranian brothers and sisters living in places like Turkey, but we knew from their countless stories that the need within Iran itself was significant. In 2022, we made it our mission to move in. 

We are thrilled to have recently added a Field Ministry Team member in Iran. Mahdi (his alias) is a wonderful addition to the Help The Persecuted team. He is being used by God to save lives, disciple believers, and alert our teams outside of Iran to severe cases of persecution so that funds can be sent.  

To protect the work and safely communicate with us, Mahdi uses code to speak with other team members. In Mahdi’s eyes, the Gospel is worth the risk. And through him, we’ve been connected to more brave persecuted believers in Iran, including Farez and his family. 

Farez’s Family of Faith 

Farez’s family changed forever the day his father came to faith. He experienced the lovingkindness of an earthly father surrendered to Christ and began attending an underground church. 

When the pastor of the church was assassinated, Farez’s parents were thrown into prison as “suspects” of a crime everyone knew the Iranian government committed. False imprisonment and torture were only the beginning of persecution. The family has been outcast from society, fired from jobs, and has been struggling to stay afloat financially.  

Despite the hardship, the family has remained firmly rooted in Jesus for over two decades. Farez’s father now leads their underground church!  

We are standing with this bold family of faith, providing funds for living expenses and medical needs. And now, with our new Field Ministry Team member on the ground in Iran, we can provide spiritual encouragement and practical help like never before! 

None of this would have been possible without our supporters. When you give to Help The Persecuted, you are changing the lives of brothers and sisters like Farez in the world’s most hostile places. Would you consider giving today