In Hebrews 4:12, Scripture tells us: “For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.

As our team members meet persecuted Christians throughout the Muslim world, they hear incredible stories of how God’s Word came into their hands, and then affected their hearts and transformed their minds. In some instances, our brothers and sisters tell us that they couldn’t get God’s Word out of their minds when they first heard it, and they had to know more about Jesus.

In Sherine’s case, God’s Word made her incredibly angry—which Truth can sometimes do to a person. This is how Sherine came to know Jesus—and never looked back.

A Firestorm Set Off by God’s Word

When Sherine decided to attend the Christian funeral of a co-worker’s father, she never expected it to change her life.

The daughter of an oil company executive, Sherine grew up in an upper-middle-class Muslim family. Devoted to her tradition, she wore the burqa and followed the rules. But then she attended the Christian funeral and received a pamphlet filled with psalms and hymns. As someone who believed Christianity to be a false and dangerous religion, her initial reaction was to complain rather loudly about being handed God’s Word.

Dreams of Jesus

She returned home to her husband and son but couldn’t forget what she had heard and read, and she quietly began searching for answers. In response, Jesus appeared to her in a series of recurring dreams. He told her to keep searching for the Truth. These dreams, however, didn’t bring her comfort; they brought fear and distress. One time, Sherine woke from one of her Jesus dreams in a panic, screaming. Her husband, rightly concerned, took her to a local cleric, who told him “something Christian” must be happening to his wife.

“Something Christian” Happened to Her

The family then began to pressure Sherine, to make sure this “something Christian” didn’t develop any further. Despite their best efforts, however, Sherine began reading God’s Word in earnest. She fell in love with Jesus after reading the gospel of John and then committed her life to the Lord.

Persecuted for Her Faith

One day, Sherine’s husband caught her reading the Bible alongside the Quran, taking notes and making comparisons. He reported what he had seen to her father and to the authorities. Sherine’s father and husband began beating her daily to force her to pray the prayers of Islam. Her uncle and his friend also beat her and even tried to strip her in public to bring her shame. Perhaps worst of all, Sherine’s parents came and took her son from her.

She had no choice but to flee. But even out on her own, her troubles were not over. Her husband and family gave permission for a sheikh to take advantage of Sherine’s situation and abuse her sexually to bring her shame. Thankfully—and miraculously—she was able to escape his attack and found refuge in a monastery.

Betrayed and Forsaken

When she resettled later in another city in Egypt, she met a man she believed to be a Christian. They got married and only then did Sherine find out her new husband was already married—to a Muslim woman! He wasn’t a believer at all. And when he learned Sherine was a convert from Islam, he reported her conversion to the authorities.

A few months ago, Sherine received help from a group of believers and a local deacon, and she was able to move to Lebanon. But that wasn’t the end of Sherine’s troubles—the deacon took her passport and all her money! Nevertheless, Sherine has remained faithful to the Lord despite her circumstances. She eventually met a faithful believer who has helped her and introduced her to the local Help The Persecuted team.

How We’re Helping Sherine

Sherine has been mistreated, persecuted, and betrayed. She is learning to slowly trust others as she continues to grow in faith. Our team is committed to discipling Sherine and helping her build a life where she has stability and confidence. For a time, we are providing living expenses so Sherine can focus on healing, adjusting in her new community, and finding work.

With your support, we’re able to help persecuted believers like Sherine through discipleship, counseling, and by providing practical living expenses. Help us reach more people like Sherine.