Persecuted pastors are a special group of people that we serve and assist in places hostile to the Gospel. 

Pastors serving on the frontlines in the Middle East and North Africa are called by God to minister to the lost and hurting — despite the daily threat of violence, imprisonment, and even death. The threat to their lives and their families is significant, and our work on their behalf often requires a shroud of secrecy, the ability to act quickly at any moment’s notice, and diligent prayer. It is our privilege to partner with them and help them when they are in need.

It’s why we started our Persecuted Pastors Partnership — to come alongside persecuted pastors to Rescue, Restore, and Rebuild their lives and help further their work to advance God’s Kingdom. Pastor Abdu is a great example of one of these brave pastors who we have had the joy of supporting. 

Pastor Abdu’s Life was in GREAT Danger 

Pastor Abdu was a faithful advocate for believers in his hometown in North Africa — helping individuals build their faith, constantly serving his community, and burdened to meet the needs of others as they arose. 

Pastor Abdu would hide converts on the run from extreme persecution. Often it was their own families and friends seeking to harm them. Help The Persecuted partnered with him to provide a Safe House for persecuted women and their children. Together, we offered vocational training to these vulnerable women who, due to the oppressive culture, lacked education and opportunity.  

One day the Safe House was discovered, and everyone was immediately put at risk. Pastor Abdu, our team, and the women and children were all exposed. Praise God we were able to safely relocate each woman and child. However, the threats against Pastor Abdu began to intensify quickly. His life was now in imminent danger. 

God’s Glorious Provision 

Through our Persecuted Pastors Partnership, we were able to move Pastor Abdu and his family to a nearby country. Today, they are safe and looking forward to God opening new doors for ministry and outreach. Praise the Lord for his glorious provision in their lives! 

How You Can Help Persecuted Pastors 

But this is just one story. Preachers of the Gospel, called to serve and help, are viewed by the authorities as the ultimate threat to the Muslim faith. The reality is thousands of persecuted pastors are targeted yet remain resolute and determined to do the work of the Lord despite dangers. 

Through our Persecuted Pastors Partnership, we are determined to stand in the gap – encouraging their work as much as possible and helping them when they need it most. 

When you support Help The Persecuted, you help us meet the needs of pastors and their families who are risking everything to boldly lead churches in a region hostile to the Gospel. They know the risks … and they continue to serve and lead many to faith in Jesus Christ!

Funds are used to meet emergency and long-term needs like:

  • Transportation and relocation expenses
  • Shelter and short-term housing
  • Food and living expenses
  • Medical and trauma care
  • Support and partnership in ongoing ministry work to evangelize and disciple

Pastors around the world are vital to building up the Kingdom, and in the Muslim world, they are a lifeline for new believers facing intense persecution. Our Persecuted Pastors Partnership empowers these local leaders on the ground. And, if they face imminent danger, we’re able to swiftly rescue and relocate them.

We stand with these persecuted pastors. Would you join us in empowering their work to share the Gospel and grow the Church?