“Your support is like a life raft tossed to me while drowning. Thank you for your love that helped me continue.”  

Amir’s words say it all. When you open your hand in compassion to persecuted believers in some of the darkest places on Earth, you are the “life raft” they desperately need.  

As we continue to intervene in powerful and life-giving ways to Rescue, Restore, and Rebuild the lives of persecuted Christians, we are excited to invite you to participate in our December Matching Challenge. Generous ministry partners have stepped up to offer us a critical match, multiplying the impact of every gift up to $500,000 through December 31st! 

Whatever God enables you to give today will be doubled. You can help us end 2022 strongly and respond in the new year with urgent, real-time support for the persecuted through our Field Ministry Team and trusted on-the-ground partners. 

New Places of Ministry in 2023 

We are especially thankful God has opened the doors for ministry in new places in 2023, where you can have a life-saving impact on persecuted Christians in need. 

A Dental Clinic in Syria 

When Islamic fundamentalist militias took control of Idlib and ordered Christians to convert, leave town, or be killed, many of them left and settled in Aleppo, Syria. In need of medical care but unable to afford it, many of these displaced people suffer from preventable and treatable ailments.  

A local church established a low-cost medical center to fill this need. And because the clinic has been so well-received and utilized by the community, we are partnering with them as they establish a dental clinic. It will provide jobs for young Christian dentists while providing others with the dental care they need!  


Food insecurity, civil war, and intense persecution plague believers in Yemen. Through our network of partners and a Field Ministry Team member we plan to hire who will be dedicated to the work in Yemen, we will continue to help persecuted believers and support the underground church. This winter, we are providing food and other critical heating supplies to believers in need who are living in secrecy.  

Together, we are serving these believers as the Body of Christ. The tangible help they receive in the name of Jesus reminds them that they are not alone

Expanding our Current Work 

In addition to these new areas of ministry, we are grateful to continue expanding our current efforts in support of our persecuted brothers and sisters!  

Winter Relief Outreach 

The needs of the persecuted are great, especially now, during harsh winter conditions. We are acting now to meet those critical needs through our Winter Relief Outreach: 

  • delivering food, warm clothes, and fuel,  
  • sheltering threatened believers in Safe Houses,  
  • sharing the hope and love of Christ at our Spiritual Retreats, and 
  • discipling new believers. 

We will help over 12,000 persecuted believers this winter. 

Spiritual Retreats 

You’ve empowered life-giving retreats this year in places like Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, and Lebanon by providing encouragement, support, spiritual enrichment, and counseling. All of these bring help and hope to these brave believers. 

Just recently, our team held a retreat in Southern Iraq for young men who have converted to Christianity from Islam. Here is what one attendee had to say …  

“We have no churches … we cannot read our Bibles, worship, or even be seen with our friends. We are threatened and tortured every day for our faith. I learned how to be wise when evangelizing others. I was like a tree starving for water, but at the retreat, I took the water I needed. Jesus Christ!” —Khaled 

Your generosity is leading our persecuted brothers and sisters to Christ’s Living Water. You are the hands and feet of Jesus to them, reminding them of God’s goodness and love amid brokenness and strife.  

It’s humbling to realize that our worst fears are the daily realities of persecuted Christians in the Middle East. They know overwhelming poverty, incessant need. They’ve experienced the traumas of violence and abuse. Cast out by loved ones, they know what it means to live “on the run,” to hide in the shadows, and to lose everything for the sake of Jesus Christ.  

As persecution of Christians intensifies across the Muslim world, we will meet their needs, give them hope, and pour out the love of Jesus. With your prayers and support, we will not back down in the days to come. We will continue to do what God has called and equipped us to do.  

Four New Safe Houses 

Today, our 18 Safe Houses across the Middle East and North Africa provide refuge for those in imminent danger, offering a secure place to rest, heal, and be discipled. They are a safe place of spiritual restoration, preparing persecuted believers to begin to rebuild their lives. 

We are hearing more and more stories of Christians fleeing for their lives after facing death threats and violence for their faith. As persecution rises, so does the need for more Safe Houses. By the end of 2023, with your support, we plan to have four new Safe Houses in Syria, Yemen, Turkey, and Central Asia. 

Bless the Persecuted This Christmas 

This December, we boldly ask for your compassionate gift to reach more persecuted Christians with double the help and hope as we end 2022 and move forward into the new year.  

I invite you to bless the persecuted this Christmas season. Any gift you give before December 31st will be doubled — up to $500,000 through our Matching Challenge — in impact to Rescue, Restore, and Rebuild more lives in 2023.