God works in mysterious ways. We’ve heard people say this time and again as it relates to unlikely events that have unfolded on their behalf. Our Field Ministry Team is fortunate to see His mysterious and glorious ways play out in real-time with real people, in real life or death situations.

Our sister, Farideh, had a unique encounter that led her to faith in Jesus. Praise God for this story of His faithful pursuit of His people.

Finding Light in the Darkness

It is one of the most difficult and painful things a wife will ever hear, and for Farideh, it changed everything.

Farideh’s husband, Kambiz, told her he had decided to pursue a second wife, which in Iran, under Islamic law, was his legal right. Farideh, of course, did not agree with his decision and, in truth, did not care very much for Islamic law. Though she had been born into a large Muslim family, she had never been a willing practitioner of the faith. Eventually, Kambiz agreed to divorce Farideh and give up his custody of their two daughters.

Pushed Aside by Family and Embraced by Christ

Farideh and the girls moved in with Farideh’s parents. But when Farideh’s mother passed away, her father remarried, this time to a devout Muslim believer. Soon, this new stepmother discovered Farideh was not particularly religious and had divorced her husband over a matter of Islamic law. She was incensed, and Farideh’s father forced Farideh and her daughters out of the house. After living in the park for a few weeks, the three eventually found a home to rent.

Around this time, her ex-husband started harassing her, and Farideh began feeling depressed and suicidal. She frequently thought about killing herself and her daughters, because she believed this was the only way out of their impossible situation.

God’s Mysterious Ways

One day, she couldn’t find her phone while she was in town. After looking and filing a report for the missing item, she discovered that a woman had her phone. She arranged to meet with her. After talking to her, Farideh realized that this woman had simply found a lost phone and had not stolen it. This woman was also a Christian and gave her a Bible.

One night, as she was having suicidal thoughts, she decided to read the Bible. After reading some of it, she fell asleep and had a dream. The same Christian woman appeared to her and said: “Follow me. He will save you.” In the morning, Farideh called her new friend immediately and made plans to see her. Farideh told the woman her dream. After a short talk where she heard the Gospel, Farideh gave her life to Jesus. “From that day on, God took my life into His own hands and restored peace to my life,” Farideh remembers.

Farideh and her children began attending a local house church, and things were, for a time, peaceful. However, when one of Farideh’s daughters made a comment about how Christianity was a better religion than Islam, the school principal informed both Farideh and Kambiz, Farideh’s ex-husband.

Starting Over Again

That night, Kambiz came to their house and beat Farideh and the two girls severely. Before leaving, he threatened to kill them. He then brought legal charges against Farideh. She was found guilty but was later acquitted upon appeal.

Kambiz’s threats and harassment continued, as did threats from Farideh’s father and brothers. For this reason, Farideh made the difficult decision to leave Iran for good. She and her girls moved to Turkey, where they are now safe and attending church.

Farideh works for a tailor who does not pay her fairly or consistently, and her eldest daughter works in a barbershop. While they struggle to make ends meet, their expenses keep growing. Farideh has a tumor on her left breast, for which she receives medical attention and undergoes testing every six months. Farideh’s oldest daughter is registered for university classes but cannot attend until her registration fees are paid; her younger daughter needs glasses to correct her vision.

Your Support Through Help The Persecuted

Our Field Ministry Team members came to know Farideh through her small church in Turkey. She is still being harassed by her family, and she fears her husband will find them and kill them. Our local team is led by an Iranian convert and is committed to providing discipleship and support for Farideh and her children. Because of your support, we’re able to provide medical treatments and tuition costs for Farideh’s children. Being able to meet some of Farideh’s physical needs in this way will allow her the ability to find more meaningful work that will bring stability, security, and dignity to her and her children.

When you give through Help The Persecuted you are coming alongside persecuted women like Farideh, and other persecuted believers who are fleeing from violence and harassment because of their faith. Prayerfully consider supporting our efforts through prayer and giving.

Farideh Found Light in the Darkness