A decade ago, Mina had a full life. She was a successful forensic doctor in Syria. She’d studied and practiced medicine in Germany and throughout the Middle East. During her time in college, she came to know Christ as Savior.
Mina had an education, a good job, and a strong faith. All of which, in an instant, was turned upside down.

1 — Kidnapped

Mina and a group of other doctors were kidnapped by ISIS. She endured horrible torture at their hands. ISIS soldiers broke her teeth. They pulled out her fingernails. They burned her skin with hot coals. She was raped almost daily.

Mina was not the only Christian in the group, but she was the only one who did not eventually recant her faith. Each captive was questioned about their religion. One of the Christian doctors was allowed to go free when he denied Jesus.

While Mina’s faith prevented her release, it was also the only thing that allowed her to survive the horrors she experienced. She clung to the hope of the Gospel when nothing else remained.

2 — Released

Mina was held prisoner by ISIS for two years. Once released, The Red Cross helped relocate Mina to Lebanon.

Although she was no longer a captive, she was left destitute in her new country. Without any family or a job, Mina was forced to live on the streets.

Thankfully, at her lowest moment, she encountered a local pastor who is a trusted partner with Help The Persecuted. He helped Mina find a place to stay, and Help The Persecuted paid her rent and began ministering to her.

3 — Recovery

Mina suffered significant physical wounds. Her injuries are constantly infected, and she may need to have her leg amputated.

Moreover, Mina needs emotional and spiritual healing. She is deeply and understandably disturbed at all that she experienced. That’s why she receives ongoing support from members of the Help The Persecuted partner church that she has begun attending and funding for trauma counseling.

Mina is no longer able to contact her family back in Syria. But, at 43, she’s slowly finding a new family in her new home. And the one relationship that has endured is her bond with her Heavenly Father.

Help Others Like Mina

Stories like Mina’s are heartbreaking, but more common than we can imagine. ISIS sought to crush her body, destroy her spirit, and steal her faith. But Mina held on. As a result, she has a deeper faith than ever before.

Help The Persecuted is working to assist thousands of others just like Mina. We not only provide for their physical needs, but we also come beside our brothers and sisters in Christ with emotional and spiritual support.

We’ve helped more than 30,000 Christians in the Middle East, but there are so many more who we still need to reach. Donating to Help The Persecuted helps to make that vision a reality. Your contributions directly impact lives just like Mina’s.