Countries across the Middle East and North Africa are working to protect their populations from COVID-19. But too often, people’s needs far exceed the governments’ resources. Unemployment rates are high. Food supply chains have been interrupted. Life-preserving medical supplies are limited. As a result, many people are suffering.

Our Field Ministry Team on the ground in these areas confirm these reports to be true. Every day, they see and experience these hardships firsthand. They give us an up-close perspective on the personal stories behind these overwhelming statistics.

In Egypt, sick people are dying in the entrances of hospitals because the facilities are overrun. Even those who don’t have the virus have lost their jobs. These struggles have led to an overall state of depression across the entire nation.

Syria had already been ravaged by years of war and bloodshed. When the virus hit, forced lockdowns and the resulting economic downturn added another level of hardship. Suicide rates are increasing as the Syrian people don’t feel like they can continue on.

Life for Christians in these areas was difficult before the global pandemic. But the hostility, isolation, and violence experienced daily by these believers has increased exponentially during months of hardship, sickness, and need. Their existing suffering has only been elevated.

Karam’s story of hope

The story of Karam and his family illustrates this same tribulation felt by many others.

He and his family fled their home in Iraq following persecution and the ISIS invasion. Many of their extended family were killed while escaping the country. During the war, Karam’s pregnant wife was unable to receive proper medical care. And they were not prepared when their son was born severely disabled, with no arms, and in need of special care.

Karam, his wife, and their two children finally settled in Jordan at the beginning of 2020. That’s where they hoped to make a fresh start. However, that’s when the pandemic hit. The family found themselves far from home with nothing. No residence papers. No means for earning an income. No money for rent, food, or medical care.

Karam begged for help to feed his family, but he often came up short. He was desperate to support his family, but couldn’t find any way to do so.

That’s when Help The Persecuted learned about the family’s situation and intervened. Through the help of supporters like you, we were able to make a difference in their lives. We listened to their story and prayed for their future. But we were also able to provide for their physical needs.

Sharing much-needed Emergency Relief Kits

Help The Persecuted provided Karam’s family with an Emergency Relief Kit—just as we’ve done for more than 10,000 families in similar situations around the Middle East and Northern Africa.

These Emergency Relief Kits aim to meet the most immediate needs of Christians struggling to make ends meet during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each of these life-sustaining kits provides food like rice, flour, oil, and other basic supplies for survival.

My own family walked out on me and left me to die,” said a Lebanese refugee with whom we shared a Relief Kit. “You took me in and cared for me like they never did. You are my family now.”

Not only do these kits provide food for their bodies, but they also share the word of God to minister to their spirit. In addition to food, Emergency Relief Kits contain Bibles and other discipleship materials for encouragement and hope.

Among the discipleship tools provided in the Emergency Relief Kits are audio recordings of the Bible. This makes it easier for families to listen to Scripture and share it with their children. That includes Faten and her two daughters, who said: “This is the first time we listened to the Word of God. After the war in Iraq, we did not have a Bible to read from. You have given us everything!

In addition to these Emergency Relief Kits, Help The Persecuted is continuing to provide our regular ministry efforts in these areas—including safe housing, medical assistance, trauma counseling, and discipleship. Because of COVID-19, these needs are greater than ever.

Your gift provides more Emergency Relief Kits

We’ve been blessed to be able to distribute thousands of these Emergency Relief Kits to believers across the region. Each one is a tangible package of hope for the family who receives it. However, there is still a growing number of families in need of these resources.

Your gift allows Help The Persecuted to continue meeting their physical and spiritual needs during their most desperate hour. With a donation of $35, you’re providing Emergency Relief Kits for two Christian families who have no other place to turn.

  • $35 helps 2 persecuted families.
  • $70 helps 4 persecuted families.
  • $140 helps 8 persecuted families.
  • $525 helps 30 persecuted families.
  • $1,050 helps 60 persecuted families.

Our Field Ministry Team on the ground is continually identifying new families and people in desperate need. Now is the time to give generously, so we can provide both badly-needed physical and spiritual nourishment.

These persecuted Christians have no other source of refuge during this storm. And Help The Persecuted is only able to come to their aid because of the selfless contributions of believers like you. Help us help the most vulnerable during this on-going global crisis.

Emergency Relief Kits Provide Life-Sustaining Help to Those in Need