A life of fear, brokenness, and pain is all Ayla knew. Born into a conservative Muslim family, she adhered to her father’s strict rules. She practiced Islamic rituals of prayer and fasting, and she was often forbidden from leaving her house. Everything was haram, or unlawful, for her.

Although she loved to learn, Ayla was forced to leave school and marry a cousin at age 13. She was abused and beaten by her new husband, and she wasn’t allowed to answer the door or visit her family.  

And then, when she did not think life could get worse, it did. War and strife came to Aleppo. Ayla’s husband was shot by ISIS terrorists and thrown into the streets. She and two of her children were injured when a rocket hit and destroyed their home. After her husband was found days later, alive, but severely in need of medical care, Ayla and her family were forced to flee.

This is when your compassion impacted Ayla’s life for all eternity. She was told about a church where relief, provided by Help The Persecuted, was being offered. She went and was able to hear about Jesus. At first, she was offended to see fellow Muslims coming to Christ, but then, a dream …

While she slept, she saw someone wearing white, beckoning her to return to the church, saying, “Never be afraid. I will be with you.” A life without fear and despair? Ayla desperately wanted this, and she began to regularly attend church meetings.

Then, her oldest daughter became very ill. Doctors feared she had lost her unborn baby. So Ayla began earnestly praying.When doctors examined her daughter again, they found a heartbeat! Ayla was convinced of God’s presence and His healing, and she gave her life to Christ.

Today, while abandoned by her extended family for her faith, Ayla trusts in the Lord. Despite health and family troubles, she openly shares the gospel. 

Thank you for helping Ayla and many others through your support! This is how we will continue making a difference in Syria, Iraq, and other dark, hurting places … as we grow and expand to become the hands and feet of Christ.


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