Imagine having to flee your country because the authorities learned you were a Christian and they were threatening your life. But before you fled, even as you prepared to run, you took the time to visit with your neighbors to tell them about Christ—to share the Gospel that might get you killed.

Abdul’s Heart Softened by God’s Servant

Abdul grew up in a Muslim family, performing all the prayers and rituals, but he lived in sin, lying and committing adultery. He sometimes would feel shame, but he could not stop sinning.

When Abdul met a Korean doctor who was serving people with leprosy, he was amazed and impressed that the doctor had left his home to come and serve the poor. He saw the doctor’s humility and love for others, and he decided to learn more about Christ. A local pastor helped Abdul to grow in his faith by providing discipleship materials.

As Abdul learned more about Jesus, he began to experience things he couldn’t explain. One time he was in a garden and Jesus appeared to him surrounded by light and peace. Another time, Abdul was driving a narrow mountainous road in foggy weather. The car slipped so he prayed and the car stopped in a wide part of the road. He and his passengers waited for the fog to be gone and continued up the two-meter-wide road. On his way back through the passage, he couldn’t find the wide part that the car stopped in! Jesus had provided a way where there was no way!

Not long after, Abdul gave his life to Jesus. He repented of his sins and began to have compassion toward other people.

Secret Faith, Public Persecution

After Abdul converted to Christianity, slowly neighbors, family and friends began to notice his changed behavior and suspected he had become Christian. He experienced persecution, and lost jobs because his employers didn’t want to hire Christians.

Abdul was a member of a group of men in his local, secret church who were being persecuted because of their faith. All of them were struggling to make ends meet. That’s when—with your support—our Help The Persecuted Field Ministry Team came alongside this group of men and helped them to build a transportation business shuttling passengers between cities in Yemen. They used the bus to witness to others when the opportunity arose. Their bus was also used to  transport believers from their homes to neighboring secret house churches. 

Recently, Abdul became aware that the authorities had received reports about his activities and were watching him. One day, a lady stopped his bus begging him to take her to the downtown market, and so he did. While riding on the bus, the lady made a phone call and began speaking in code with the police to capture Abdul at a certain place. While en route, two policemen stopped the bus, arrested him and put him in jail. He was accused of evangelism and having a discipleship book. The authorities confiscated the book which contained names of 11 people that Abdul was discipling, and the bus was impounded. 

With prayers and the help of Christian brothers, he was released after 14 days. The fact that he was released so quickly was a miracle since investigations in Yemen carry on for months and months. The bus was kept at the police station as an asset for the government, but through shrewd negotiation, the bus was released and Abdul was able to sell it. Since his release, our brother Abdul has been followed, and feared for his life.

Abdul Remains Committed to Share the Gospel

He knew the only thing he could do to insure safety for his family would be to flee his city and settle elsewhere. Only weeks ago, Abdul moved to a neighboring city and left all of his contacts and business behind. During his journey to escape imprisonment and further persecution, Abdul took the time to share the Gospel with others. He told our team: “It has been almost a month since I moved to a new city, and everyone in my village knows about me and my faith in Christ. I visit them on every occasion and spend a lot of time with them discussing the Bible, especially with the youth. Recently, an impactful person in the village, considered a Sheik or elder, has started reading the Bible.” 

How Help The Persecuted is Helping Abdul

Abdul’s ultimate goal is to bring his wife and children with him to resettle in the Middle East. Our team is assisting Abdul with travel arrangements, paperwork, and a place to stay at one of our Safe Houses.

Please pray for Abdul’s journey and the decisions he must make for his future. As our team comes alongside him, pray that the Lord will give us wisdom to help Abdul and his family plan for their future.

Your prayers and support help our persecuted brothers and sisters who worship Jesus in secret and put their lives on the line to share the Gospel.

Abdul Risked it all to Share the Gospel