Many persecuted Christians experience psychological trauma because of the trials they personally endure or due to what they observe happening to others who love Jesus. The mental burden of carrying fear and trauma is real and exhausting. Many persecuted Christians, even if they escape physical persecution, must continue to carry the weight of the psychological burden.

Help The Persecuted provides safe harbor for those in danger and being traumatized by persecution. Our Safe Houses are shelters from the storm, where persecuted believers can receive temporary safe housing and have their basic needs met while experiencing stability and healing to help them carry on. Typically, Safe Houses are rented apartments or apartment buildings where furnishings, electricity, food, water, necessities, vocational training, and Bible study are provided for by trained Field Ministry Team members or trusted local partners. Families who are fleeing persecution typically stay in our Safe Houses for six months, as we help them prepare for a new start.

Vahid, a Christian brother who experienced persecution in his homeland, found safety and a new beginning for his family in a Help The Persecuted Safe House.

Life Following Loss

Vahid grew up in a religious family. His father, Reda, was a security guard at a local Christian church. Just a few years ago, on Palm Sunday, Reda spotted a terrorist wearing explosives trying to enter the church. Reda blocked his entry, pushing the terrorist away from the church. The terrorist triggered the bomb, killing them both. 

Vahid was greatly traumatized by the sight of his dead father, to say nothing of losing his father’s daily support and love. Vahid’s emotional stress developed into a medical condition that caused him to lose his job. His wife also lost her job. Reda’s sudden, violent death not only traumatized Vahid, it led to harassment from his family. Because Reda’s actions defended Christians and saved their lives, Vahid’s family and neighbors felt Reda betrayed his religion. For Reda to have died defending Christians was an unfathomable afront to Reda’s extended family. They began to harass Vahid for being the son of an infidel.

Facing this harassment from his community and family caused Vahid to turn to find out more about God. As he searched for answers, Vahid learned that God is a loving Father who provides every good thing and supports us. 

At first, Vahid was mad at God for taking away his father. In the midst of this struggle, he had a terrible headache and prayed, “If You can hear me, and if my prayer means something to You, make it clear to me!” Suddenly, the headache was gone. Vahid felt sure that God was listening to his prayers. Ultimately, Vahid’s sufferings—and the harassment from his family and neighbors—brought him to accept Jesus Christ, and he began to study the Bible more and trust in God to provide for his every need.

Vahid’s Life on the Run

The harassment of Vahid’s neighbors grew more dangerous, and they tried to force him to move away. When they began to feel unsafe, Vahid, his wife, and his six-year-old son—named Reda after his martyred grandfather—left and fled to a neighboring country. Vahid’s family stayed in a Help The Persecuted Safe House for six months and have now moved out to begin to rebuild their life. Vahid currently works part-time for a local church. Vahid’s mother moved in with his family after facing verbal abuse from her neighbors because she is the wife of a Reda, who died in order to save Christians. She is ill and requires gallbladder surgery soon. The family will need additional resources to pay for her surgery, monthly medicine, and care, on top of their need for rent money and living expenses. 

Life in a New Home

Vahid is preparing to establish a new life outside the Safe House and care for his mother’s medical needs. As he trusts the Lord to provide for him, you could be the means that God uses to help care for Vahid and his family. 

Despite all Vahid has gone through, he says that he now thanks God for his trials because they have led to something better. Though no one wants to suffer, God often uses our sufferings to show us His love and His presence with us. He alone can bring good out of a bad situation, and that is what Vahid believes for his family. God used this suffering to move Vahid’s family to a safe location and to build their faith. God used this suffering to show them how He will take care of them.

When you give to Help The Persecuted, your gift will encourage persecuted Christians like Vahid that, in spite of all they have lost, God will provide for them. When we give to help our brothers and sisters in need, God demonstrates His care and provision for His people through us. When we help Rescue, Restore, and Rebuild persecuted lives, we do it all to His glory.

A Terrorist Killed His Father; Now Vahid Lives by Faith