It was like a scene from a movie . . . except in real life. Innocent families broken by years of civil war. Fighting in the streets. ISIS terrorists singling out Christians for torture and death. 

Warring factions in Syria left nothing but ruin behind. Crumbling buildings, demolished homes. Chemical bombs, rockets, and machine guns claimed the innocent lives of more than 400 thousand people. 

And for Christians in Syria, brutal persecution only got worse. In areas controlled by radical Islamic groups, churches were either demolished or taken over as Islamic centers. Many Christians had their homes and businesses destroyed.

As a result, the Christian population in Syria is on the decline: before the war started in 2011, Christians made up 8-10% of the population, but as of 2019 that number has been cut in half. 

This is why we are committed, in the days to come, to increasing our presence and activism on behalf of the hopeless and helpless in Syria. 

If we don’t go … who will? Thank you for standing with us. 


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